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kiss the trigger (sundaysetsashes) wrote,
@ 2004-07-09 15:08:00
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    Current mood: complacent
    Current music:brand new - indifference besides her

    so lucky, so strong, so proud...i never said thank you for that.
    bought the butterfly effect dvd yesterday. spectacular movie, one of my favorites (besides old school). watched that last night and didnt fall asleep. well actually, i didnt fall asleep till around 1ish and got up at 4 am. but somehow i slept for 34 minutes after work and i dont feel too tired. that may change soon. i have to take my sister to work in a little bit, then maybe clean my room.

    tmobile thought they were slick by debting my moms bank account for my bill but that got taken care of real fuckin quick.

    a song for so heart so big, god couldnt let it live.

    things have been well lately, work has been suckin but ive come to accept that it will never be what i want to so just deal with it and whatever. ashley told me she is quitting pot because shes getting too old (21) for it and its stupid which i told her was the smartest thing shes ever told me. good for her.

    no bullshit crap this past week which is good. but it was the roughest week ive had working wise in a long time. 5 - 1 5 days straight (tuesday was really like 5 - 6pm) but yeah i survived without breakingdown. somehow.

    so reckless, so thoughtless, so jealous, i could care less. ---> wow.


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