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r4in is f4llinq .. (sund4ym0rninq) wrote,
@ 2004-03-31 19:04:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:nickel back -- figured you out

    hmm.. this is neat
    you're suposed to bold the ones that apply.. but since im not sure onw how to bold, ill just put a bunch of **stars** in front of what applies to me.

    01. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 and a half years
    ****02. I still watch cartoons
    ****03. i've never seen The O.C.
    ****04. I love almost all music.
    ****06. I want a tattoo.
    07. I wear glasses.
    08. But mostly to read the blackboard and drive.
    ****09. I want more piercings.
    10. but i can't ever get any more :-(
    ****11.I love to watch the rain.
    ****12. I like to walk in the dark at night with someone special and talk.
    13. I don't believe in true love when i was younger.
    14. I am a pretty cynical person sometimes.
    ****15. Sometimes I cry for no damn reason.
    ****16. I cry about stupid things.
    ****17. I hate being walked all over and treated like crap.
    ****18. It annoys me when people try to tell me how I am, and what I like.
    ****19. I love music.
    ****20. I am not sure if I believe in God. But i think i believe in a higher power.
    ****21. I often feel alone.
    ****22. I'm a sometimes loud and funny person.
    23. A boy in high school shattered my heart into a million pieces.
    ****24. I get depressed sometimes.
    ****25. I hate it when people critisize me for what I like.
    26. I crack my knuckles, wrists, ankles, back, etc.
    ****27. I fidgit with anything when I'm nervous.
    ****28. I'm a weird person.
    ****29. I consider myself pretty unique.
    30. My eyes are brown.
    ****31. Listening to music usually helps my mood.
    ****32. I am a disappointment to myself.
    ****33. I love sleeping.
    ****34. I'm obsessed with Vanilla.
    35. I have a few close friends.
    ****36. Okay, i have like 2 friends.
    37. I need to lose weight.
    ****38. I like popcorn.
    39. I love watching tv.
    40. I like malls.
    41. I like cold weather better than hot.
    ****42. I really dig Depeche Mode
    43. I love Winter.
    ****44. I'm addicted to AIM.
    ****45. I have trouble trusting people.
    46. I do not label myself anything besides "me."
    47. I love my family. they're the only ones i got.
    ****48. I loathe hot weather.
    ****50. I hate shaving my legs.
    ****51. Sleeping is a hobby of mine.
    ****52. I like to listen to music everyday.
    ****53. I love white tigers.
    ****54. I love dancing.
    ****55. I don't always like the way I look.
    56. I
    ****57. I'm a daydreamer.
    ****58. I feel lucky i met the right guy.
    ****59. I like when my friends write me letters//, it makes me feel special.
    ****60. I randomly doodle on pieces of paper or myself when boredom strikes.
    61. I love all my LJ, DJ, and GJ friends.
    62. I'm allergic to milk.
    63. I wish people would stop making me cry over their stupidity.
    ****64. I hate people who try to be what they're not.
    65. I went to boarding school for the last 2 years of high school
    ****66. I love all candy, well, most.
    67. I get my feelings hurt really easy.
    ****68. I believe inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.
    69. I wear pants a lot.
    ****70. I wish I had more money.
    ****71. I like to say what's on my mind.
    ****72. I hate blue jeans
    ****73. I'm online a lot.
    74. I have 2 goldfish
    75. I am for the most part happy with myself.
    ****76. I need to work out more.
    ****77. I like being alone at certain times.
    ****78. When I get angry, I curse to myself sometimes.
    ****79. i wish I could spend more money on friends/family.
    80. I hate shallow people.
    81. I'm a type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic
    ****82. I ponder life way too much.
    ****83. Sometimes I think everyone hates me.
    84. I wish my brother didn't die.
    ****85. I hate it when girls have their thongs sticking really far out of the back of their pants.
    ****86. I need to be showed I'm loved.
    ****87. I wish I was better.
    ****88. I hate discrimination.
    ****89. I hate guys who are only out for one thing.
    90. I have a cute car.
    ****91. I love glitter
    ****92. I sometimes wish i was more social.
    ****93. I love my close friends.
    ****94. I love to have fun.
    95. I get asmused so easily.
    96. I'm a lazy ass. I really am.
    97. I'm usually more outgoing when I'm around friends.
    98. I love to be me.
    ****99. I like wearing hoodies.
    100. I'm graduating college in June!

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