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gayle (sultrywench) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 08:25:00
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    Well i didn't get to see my dad on father's day, but my ex did come by and see the boy's for awhile which is good for them. They are 3 and 8 and are adjusting ok to us living apart, but i know they would be happier if we were a family again. They gave him hugs and kisses and cards that they had made and my oldest picked out and bought a nice candle with his own money to give to his dad. They are both wonderful kids and they deserve so much better, and i am working hard to do right by them.

    It has been an odd year and i believe God puts us on this earth with specific things that we are to learn to enable us to grow spiritually and i try to look at things that have happened and wonder what lesson i can learn from this?

    This past year the issue of trust has been a big one for me as i have lost two men that i loved very much and i will admit it i have never been dumped before. Not brag just fact becasue in my past relationships i have always been the dumper and they always say what comes around goes around so i accept it.

    i am no angel and made some horrible mistakes where those two men were concerned and i don't play the blame game either. But it does hurt of course when things go wrong and i try to learn a lesson from it, put it behind me and move forward and there may be the possibility of new love on the horizion which helps. But time will tell and i am definetely in no hurry! lol

    FYI both of these men are still apart of my life one being my amiable ex husband and the other as a good friend. Weird i know but then again that is me.

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