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Kota (suicidemachine) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 15:34:00
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    Current music:poo-poo

    ok im back, where was i?...hmmmm oh yeah the we get the house, and this is one fuckin lavish home. everything is brand new. so we could find the keys. im searchin the owners work truck for something to assist in the entry of this hoem. "D" keeps telling me to hurry and do something to get in. now im drunk, and when i get drunk i get VERY destructive. i find this crow bar and im trying to pry the basement door open. it aint workin. fuck. im pissed. then CRASH!!!! before i realize it, my stupid fuckin drunkin idle hand smashes the window and now im reaching up to unlock the bitch. i get in and let her in. she goes upstairs and passes out. i try fondling her while shes sleeping but her jeans were too tight. keep in mind, it wont be till the next day before we have sex for the first time. im pissed cause i got a boner and no ass. that wouldnt normally bother me if i was alone. but there is this incredibly hot chick here and i cant bone her. so i go down stairs and raid all the food they have. im pigging out like a damn fool. then i see it, yes IO. digital cable, easy porn access. only $8.95 per movie. so i order like three. who cares right? so now im jerkin off and cumming on the new rug. im not even supposed to walk on this rug, its brand new. fuck it. after i cum twice, i go searchin for things to take. im lookin all over for a gun. for some reason this guy in the pictures looks like the type of guy to own a gun. i want it but i cant find one. so i order another porn video and jerk-off again. then u i rummage thru the house again, going thru dresser drawers and closets, all i ended up taking from there was three dollar bills, about 4 dollars in quarters and some cheap choker/necklace. then i go to sleep. "D" wakes up and her pants are slightly undone. she waks me up to ask why her pants were undone, i told her i tried to touch her but her pants were too tight. she laughs. then we just sit in bed all day and watch tv and sleep, off and on all day. then while were laying next to each other, we start petting and feeling each other up. shes playing with my thingy im playing with hers, then it happens. BANG!we do it. she cums and i cum inside her. hehe...i told her i didnt cum. whatever. then we do it again like 30 min later. this time i cum inside her again, and she gets mad at me and goes downstairs. haha. then she comes back up with some water for us and we continue to watch tv and sleep. then we do it again and this time i pull out. i dont want her mad at me. then she makes me dinner and we watch "Big" down stairse and she starts blowing me. so we go back upstairs and VOILA>>>>Again. but i couldnt come anymore. so i went home. and she did too. i went to sleep and now im here at work today. this sucks. i think i wanna die.

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