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Amber (suicidalbitch19) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 21:16:00
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    151 Things to do before you Self Injure
    1) Exercise, running ect.
    2) Putting on fake tattoos
    3) Drawing on yourself in red marker (make sure it's washable!)
    4) Scribbling on sheets an sheets of paper
    5) Writing (poetry, stories, journal, etc.)
    6) Cuddling with a stuffed toy
    7) Being with other people
    8) Watching a favorite TV show (preferably a comedy)
    9) Posting on web boards, and answering others' posts
    10) Thinking about how I DON'T want scars for the summer
    11) Painting your nails
    12) Going to see a movie
    13) Eating something ridiculously sweet (or any favorite food)
    14) Doing school work
    15) Surf the net
    16) Go into chat rooms to talk
    17) Call a friend and ask for company
    18) Playing a musical instrument
    19) Singing
    20) Looking up at the sky (night is especially beautiful)
    21) Making your own list of things to do instead of SI
    22) Punching a punching bad (with gloves on)
    23) Snapping a rubber band on your wrist (or hair band)
    24) Cover yourself with band-aids where you want to cut
    25) Mix warm water and red food colouring, and put in on your skin (feels and looks like blood)
    26) Letting yourself cry (can be very difficult for some)
    27) Sleep (only if you are tired)
    28) A hot shower, or relaxing bath (no razors in the tub, though)
    29) Play with a pet
    30) Detangling yarn or necklaces
    31) Re-organizing your room
    32) Cleaning (hmmm...I very rarely use this one!)
    33) Having a pillowfight with the wall (yes, neighbours may think you are crazy, but that's ok)
    34) Knitting or sewing
    35) Reading a good book
    36) Dressing up very glamorous (make sure no one can walk in on you, though)
    37) Colouring your hair
    38) Listening to music (not angry music though-that can trigger)
    39) Watching a candle burn (no playing with the flames!)
    40) Finding someone else you can help out
    41) Meditate
    42) Watching a scary (but not bloody) movie.
    43) Work on a website
    44) Have a vivid fantasy love affair with a celebrity
    45) Go somewhere very public
    46) Bake cookies
    47) Alphabetize your CD's
    48) Chewing leather (especially if you SI by biting)
    49) Buy a home Henna tatoo kit (peels off the next day-similar to skin picking)
    50) Painting or drawing
    51) Ripping paper into itty-bitty pieces
    52) Hugs-(this one is very nice...)
    53) Writting letters or email
    54) Talk to yourself (or if that feels weird, buy a small tape recorder-I then feel like someone is listening)
    55) Stroke nice fabrics
    56) Hug a pillow
    57) Hyperfocus on something like a rock, hand, etc.
    58) fingerpaint
    59) Scream real loud (I LOOOVE this one-just make sure no one is home)
    60) Dance
    61) Make hot chocolate (mmmmm....)
    62) pop bubble wrap
    63) play with modelling clay or Play-Dough
    64) count to one hundred
    65) Build a pillow fort
    66) pop balloons
    67) Hug yourself
    68) Sex
    69) Reading things in a different language
    70) Going for a nice, long drive
    71) Complete something you've been putting off
    72) Drinking absurd amounts of tea
    73) Breaking plastic plates
    74) Tearing up socks
    75) Throwing socks against the wall
    76) Archery
    77) Rock climbing
    78) Take up a new hobby
    79) Organise bills and such
    80) Cook a meal
    81) Go out for ice cream
    82) Buy a stuffed animal (I collect Beanie Babies)
    83) Look at pretty things-like flowers or artwork
    84) Create Something
    85) Pray
    86) Trow socks against the wall
    87) Make a list of blessings in your life
    88) Read the Bible
    89) Go to a friend's house
    90) Take up fencing
    91) Watch an old, happy movie
    92) Call a Help hotline or your Therapist
    93) Talk to someone close to you that knows
    94) Throw a temper-tantrum
    95) Hit things-other than yourself
    96) Ride a bicycle
    97) Polish silver or jewellery
    98) Gardening or watering house plants
    99) Memorizing German poetry (silly, but works!)
    100) CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
    101) Feed the ducks or birds or squirrels, etc.
    102) Draw on the walls
    103) Play with facepaint
    104) Do very Glamerous make-up
    105) Colour with crayons
    106) Memorise a novel or play or song
    107) Put on boots and STAMP
    108) Stretch
    109) Find butterflies
    110) Watch fish
    111) Come up with baby names (even if you're not pregnant
    112) Make mashed potatoes
    113) Make a tape of your favorite songs
    114) Name all of your stuffed animals
    115) Go SHOPPING!!!!
    116) Get into my PJ's and just veg.
    117) Buy cheap teddy bears and take out anger onthem instead of self.
    118) Throw everything (except glass) into the centre
    119) Go to a loud concert
    120) Play the 15 minute game (say you can't cut for 15 minutes, and when the time is up, start again)
    121) Plan your wedding / prom
    122) Hunt for stuff on Ebay (you can find ANYTHING there)
    123) Alphabetize your books
    124) Hunt for your perfect home in the paper
    125) Take up Tai Chi
    126) Try to make as many words out of your full name as possible, then do your friends names)
    127) count ceiling tiles/lights
    128) go clubbing
    129) search ridiculous things on the web
    130) colour-co-ordinate your wardrobe
    131) do a home tan on yourself
    132) sort all your photographs
    133) colour (or scribble) over the pretty women in magazines
    134) plan a dinner party
    135) play with a slinky
    136) but yourself some toys and play
    137) start collecting comething
    138) get a tattoo / peircing
    139) play video/computer games
    140) do a trash clean at your local park
    141) Play on a swingset
    142) go out and perforn a random act of kindness for someone
    143) call up an old friend
    144) write yourself an "I love you because" letter
    145) put on fake nails
    145) try to build something
    146) re-arrange your house
    147) go to a public place and people watch
    148) go through all your old stuff
    149) go bargain - hunting
    150) smile at at least five people (you usually end up smiling genuinely yourself.)
    151) go to the zoo and rename all the animals.

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