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Then I see you standing there wanting more from me (suicidal_night) wrote,
@ 2004-05-11 18:35:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Selena- 'Dreaming' (Yes, i gay!)

    A Slow Death
    Bc every one was talking and the sub had to call "security" on a few kids, we are not allowed to talk for the rest of the year in 3rd period. I wasnt there (obviously) but the sub did notice people walking out (as i did). Ms. Kennet is a bitch and she said she was so disgusted with all of us that she didnt even want to teach us. lol. We are the "worse class she ever had." It hurts everytime i breathe and i am very tired today. There is going to be a nap for me. I did my quiz in geometry and if i didnt get above an 85% on it (which it seemed easy so i should have gotten a good grade on it) then i will fail the course. If i move back to Ohio, then it doesnt matter what happens. I have been working my ass off and i dont even know if its going to pay off. Tim bit me in 2nd and now i have a welt/bruise on my arm. That little fucker. Ben did see that i was the one who smacked his ass. lol. My convo with Nick went very well last night that he didnt want to get off the phone with me even though it was past my bad time (yes i have a bed time, ugh). I need to talk to my parents about how im growing up because they obviously dont see it happening before their eyes. Come on. Im 17. Get my off the tit already! This quiz said that i was going to die of HIV. How ironic. J/k. I must have done something really bad to my knee because its been hurting me for 2 weeks now. I cant bend it or put it straight without it killing me. Whenever i crouch down or get on my knees then its very hard for me to get back up. Im only 17 but yet im falling a part. I have been doing 20 crunches a night. I hope it helps me with my stomach. Thats all im worried about. I had to back talk my 4th period teacher because he kept taking the answer sheet away from me when i was copying it. lol. He actually yelled at everyone yesterday. Thats a first! Me and this girl is planning on skipping 3rd tomorrow so we dont have to deal with the bitch from hell. Her name is Jasmine or something. I dont know how to spell it. Gabe is so annoying that i cant help but to say mean things to him. He thinks hes funny but hes really not. He sleeps in 1st and i throw paper wads in his hair and i rock the table so he cant sleep. lol. Im so mean. People who dont believe in abortions are gay. What if u got pregnant or got a girl pregnant and u obviously cant afford it, i know you will want to get one then. So dont say abortions are wrong. Im atheist so thats probably why i dont care. My great-grandparents were cousins and they got married so does that mean im inbred? I know im Native American but having a family from Kentucky marrying other family members is sick and now that means im an inbred freak! No wonder why my family has problems...we keep it in the family. Ewww! Thats something that would make you want to kill yourself. My mom didnt know that until recently. She told me. I always forget what trible my family comes from. My grandma knows but i always forget to ask her. I need to get some sun on me before i go up north so people dont think im a freak because i live in Florida and im a freaking cracker ass. I think im going to go to the flea market with my mom this weekend. I need to get me some 'Its a southern thang' and 'Dixie outfitters' shirts. They are cheap there. And i can get me some cheap belly rings. My mom found out that someone in our family died this morning. I really didnt know him but she was torn up about it. It happens. Sad to say. I am a red neck! I think im going to go take a nap now. Later.

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