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~bloody cherry~ (sugarhoney) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 22:13:00
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    Current mood: cranky

    I don't normally put whole conversations into my journal, but this one is special. She knows me so well. I'm in such a good mood right now.

    NO.: hi sugarfunny
    Ginger Snapped: why hello
    NO.: how are ou
    Ginger Snapped: annoyed. how are you?
    NO.: i'm ok
    NO.: how are yo
    NO.: u
    Ginger Snapped: i told you. hmm.
    NO.: i see
    NO.: did you get your card
    NO.: from laura
    Ginger Snapped: Yeah I did. Today.
    NO.: do you like it
    NO.: she spent ages writing it in her best handwriting
    NO.: and she gave you a FIRST CLASS stamp
    Ginger Snapped: It's gorgeous. Very lovely.
    NO.: and she's only got one left
    NO.: how's your sex life?
    Ginger Snapped: it doesn't exist.
    NO.: not even with yourself?
    Ginger Snapped: nope. Don't feel like it.
    NO.: why
    Ginger Snapped: Just don't.
    NO.: what kind of freak are you?
    Ginger Snapped: An attention seeking one apparently.
    NO.: damn right
    NO.: you big whore of a fat
    NO.: awwwww no
    NO.: *hug*
    Ginger Snapped: hmmm.
    NO.: *hug*
    NO.: what the hell is up with your profile?
    Ginger Snapped: hmmm?
    NO.: it's sick
    Ginger Snapped: oooooh, really?
    NO.: yes
    Ginger Snapped: really??
    NO.: it's really bad
    NO.: it's a joke right?
    Ginger Snapped: Nooooo. Tis not.
    NO.: it is
    Ginger Snapped: Tisn't.
    NO.: i ha tw
    NO.: hate
    NO.: it
    Ginger Snapped: Thank you much.
    NO.: what kind of shit are you
    Ginger Snapped: La la la :P
    NO.: no really
    NO.: do you have ANY idea how much of a LOSER you are?
    Ginger Snapped: Yes. Very much so I do.
    NO.: do you like being a loser and have people thinking?
    "oh my god, why can't she just die"
    Ginger Snapped: I think it's quite funny.
    NO.: you will die young
    Ginger Snapped: Good.
    NO.: does anyone actually like you?
    Ginger Snapped: Don't really know, don't really care.
    NO.: ANYONE?
    Ginger Snapped: Why are you suddenly so interested?
    NO.: because frankly I feel physically sick
    NO.: it absolutely REPULSES me to know someone as low as
    you exist
    NO.: and no, DON'T block me
    NO.: SOMEONE needs to tell you everything that's wrong with
    NO.: you're just vile
    NO.: no one will ever love you
    NO.: how could anyone?
    NO.: you're so dreadful!
    Ginger Snapped: Oh shush. It's quite tiring to hear you
    repeat what I know already.
    NO.: and it doesn't bother you right?
    Ginger Snapped: It bothers me, when I think it it, but not
    when you say it.
    NO.: do you cut yourself?
    Ginger Snapped: No.
    NO.: well you should
    NO.: *laughs*
    NO.: do you just "want to be loved" ?
    NO.: that's laura's diagnosis
    Ginger Snapped: You do know all this is very boring right?
    NO.: oh shut up
    NO.: stop trying to build some pathetic emotional wall
    that's blatantly failing, and i can see it is
    Ginger Snapped: Hmmmm...but why does it bother you anyway?
    Have you nothing better to do with your time?
    NO.: no, I don't
    NO.: I focus my time on telling people how shit they are
    NO.: and it's a good thing i do too
    Ginger Snapped: Has anyone ever told you how shit you are?
    NO.: it just bothers me that I have to share this world
    with people as disgusting and worthless as you
    NO.: you're so naive
    NO.: you might just "want to be loved"
    NO.: but no one can love you
    NO.: you're unloveable
    NO.: "oh i'm so depressed...but i'm not going to do
    anything about it...because i love attention...and i'm
    useless...and no one will ever give me attention
    NO.: that's you isn't it
    Ginger Snapped: You're an idiot.
    NO.: that's what you're life revolves around
    NO.: your*
    NO.: that's your whole existance
    NO.: you're depressed yet you won't do anything about it,
    because you love the attention
    NO.: it's pathetic
    NO.: some people actually HAVE problems you know
    NO.: REAL ones
    NO.: you're just so awful
    NO.: you just need to be shot
    Ginger Snapped: And you decide this do you? You actually
    decide who is 'depressed' and who isn't? I never said I
    was. I'm not. I'm 'just a teenager'. I get pissed off
    NO.: I do actually
    NO.: I have my own opinion
    NO.: I've been reading the stuff you say for over a year
    you know
    NO.: those big long depressive posts on the links boards,
    all by yourself
    NO.: too full of pride to seek help
    NO.: just wanting people to look and feel sorry for you
    NO.: well few people did
    NO.: only a couple of idiots who couldn't see what was
    going on
    Ginger Snapped: I don't care if people feel sorry for me.
    They shouldn't, because the things I complain about are my
    fault. But not everyone is like you.
    NO.: and the ones that aren't are naive and shit
    NO.: toodle pip sweetness xxx

    Cute. Yes?

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