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Steve (suckitdeansc) wrote,
@ 2004-04-05 21:57:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day

    yo, its cool that hadins doing better,hes cool with jesse and stuff so yea its fine i suppose.theres a drunk guy that makes me look like im sad at where sez my mood.believe me i am far from dare they give drunkeness a bad name,i put there name to shame faster than a pimp masta flex runs his game,i got mo kicks than i chinese masta,ill kill you fasta.....cuz you dont wanna mess with the S because the S dont mess mothafucka and hes the best of all the rest its almost like hes blessed with the last caressed powers of all the rest.dont forget i got a nine to your head an obvious rhyme would be "your dead" but instead ill kill you fasta the your girl gave me head.hell no you didnt get caught with that swtich blade, now they gonna put you in the pententary,no watson my rhymes are elementary...eventually youll get tuff, right now you suck mo dick than emo kids got cuffs.please dont get me that cuz now yo face is flat with a quckness mothafucka. im seein me and my crew, you seein black and blue,you feel the rhythm is right,you know the spittin is tight,you think you won't but I think you might,thats right steve is rapper and he thinks hes bright.yo blurty dont give drunk a bad name or ill murder you....thats right

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