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Steve (suckitdeansc) wrote,
@ 2004-04-04 16:48:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Saves The Day - Hold

    first the not depressing part,i smoked weed with matt yesterday for the first time in months im not starting again i just was in a sad mood,matt heard a acoustic guitar solo and threw up it was so rockin that was the most insane thing i have ever seen.matts a funny man,we practiced and it went ok.we are now "grimace and the tastebuds" the skeleton crew is dead

    this Sucks,yesterday we practiced there was problems,practiced went fine but the problems with hadin and diana and now jesse are bothering me alot.hadins one of my best friends and i hate to see him so sad.i wish everything could go back to where they were like three months ago.things were much better then, everybody was having a great time just hanging out and making jokes and having fun.i need to get wasted and so does hadin.the last thing i want is my friends to do is split up.i might be just worried about nothing and this can blow over but it seems pretty serious.and the most awkward part of all this i really have nothing to do with any of this.but i still get the side effects and i hate it.i think we all gave hadin good advice so he could move on,mostly like Dr.Phil minus the texas accent and all the midget metaphors and stupidity.besides that hes a regular dr. phil...ahhh making light of situations....mmmmmhmmhm...anyways i dont think ill be doin much for awhile because theres other things plus this^which are depressing me alot.i just cant wait until and watkins glen mmmmm i hope that goes without incident.because that is a good time,now wheres my jack daniels.

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