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Steve (suckitdeansc) wrote,
@ 2004-03-28 01:50:00
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    Current mood: enraged
    Current music:The Early November - Ever So Sweet

    E11,i like that,not the band,but E11,early 11 month of the year very creative.this band is really queer.he sings so high-pitched in one part,its a D i believe,he hits the High D because theres a dildo in his ass.motherfucking queer. i mad because i could not practice for the 3rd time in row because my dad called matt and told him we couldnt play.i wanted to murder my dad.hang him in the doorway.anyway besides that it was an ok day.hung out with jesse,diana,hadin,chris.went to the mall did nothing then we just sat.when i think about it was a wasted day but at least i wasnt alone.i watched jesse play his lacrosse game,they lost and it was depressing.that sucks.we need to practice so bad im gettin very mad.its all schools fault,they keep giving me bullshit about not going to class.i dont go to 3rd block alot but i have an excuse for sucks so bad.i know it sounds lame but i wish i could get famous just so i could rub in everybodies face that told me im messing up. and not give anyone anything.were trying think of new band names."grimace and the tastebuds","flaming moes","leftitorium".on friday i looked so emo,it was odd,tight clothes hurt my balls.some black girl told me i had a nice ass and slapped it.i just starred at her for a moment in confusion.i dont what to say to that at all "thanks, you fucking moon cricket".oh yea,while i was in class i wrote "international terrorist" near a picture of george bush on a teacher flipped out and told police and the city school district and such and privately qestioned everyone about it.she told me it was against the law to deface bush like that.i dont think it is.i wasnt even really serious when i did it.she was just way to into america and im a dick and shes a bitch so i wrote it."ever so sweet,you wrapped it in cakes for me" that doesnt make sense at all,tell me if does,but i will never believe not sure if he even said that.who cares.if i ever decide i want to die im taking drive-thru records with me because i want to die inronically,like so,take a van fill it with barrels of gasoline and drive it threw the building in emo new jersey.and yes im making sure kenny from the starting line is there.tell me watcha thought about when your head was blown off you fucking emo faggot.sorry for lame joke its 2:30 in the morning.but thats the way to go ,driving thru drive-thru records.followed by skull fucking new found glory and maybe stabbing senes fail in the heart that would make it even more ironic...yes...all done

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