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Sinner (subliminal36) wrote,
@ 2004-06-07 23:29:00
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    Written during American Govt.
    Religion is a belief isn't it? People believe in a religion so as to give themselves a meaning and a way in their lives so as to not feel empty. But when "Belief" becomes "Law" does it still carry the same message? Why must one be told their is a god and be told to worship? If force is how belief is enforced then what happened to the tranquility and peace that came with simple worship? Did it go to the churches so that they can take your money in the name of "God" or did it go to the time spent spent doing the same thing you did every night before but now with "peers"? Are we so insecure in our own beliefs that we need followers or is it we just need to know were not alone on this? If we're not alone and we know it then why do we close our minds and alienate ourselves from from other beliefs? Is it fear we're wrong? is it fear of change or is it fear in that we just might be wrong in what we believe? So if we're so caught up in being correct with what we do then why do so many care about what one "Sinner" "BELIEVES" in his life?

    "Questions?" -Sinner

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