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'- - » S a R a H (styl3sz) wrote,
@ 2005-09-07 16:38:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:The Fan

    Fuhk it
    Okay Well Here Goes My past 2o Week`s [[ July 5th ]] My Father Dies after An Argument With his Dumbass Girlfriend Dawn He Has a Heartattack And Is pronounced Dead 12:15pm. While Im At my mother's House In fremont Tripping Nobody Wants to come pick me up because 1 They don't want me too know until ome home so they won't have to tell me over the phone 2 Because Of traffic It would take them 2-3 Hrs to get there Which would be how long I would have to wait for my mother to come home from work and take me home. [[ August 18th ]] I go to my first GAY club X Which I end up dancing with someone whom I was thought to be gay only to find out their not HAHA On my part 3 Im not sure what day LOL But fefe N matt Hook up complicating all of my friendships Now I've got to move 4th My brothers in the nutward for shock treatment And finally the good news my sister got her asst manager and is on salary a job well done nothing compared to the rest of the group who is family employed so Im starting school next month YAY Randy broke up with me I don't talk to michell my E.I Best friend anymore she lies all the time Me and her Ex Will are cool now though I hope shit with his girl and taco bell work out for him Okay well that's my sadd story if annnnnnnnnnnnnybody wants to help me fix my jurnal Pleez Help Luhv Yall pz

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