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'- - » S a R a H (styl3sz) wrote,
@ 2005-09-29 00:22:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:Viiiiiiiiiiicoden

    Lookin back
    As Long as I can remember it was Me My Dad And my sister First we Lived in brentwood What some would call "Ghetto" Then After my mom...Parents we're divorced Since I was born... But yeah since she got me kicked out of my school district for not living in the same district And so on We moved too Oakley BI And I started Not goin to school Smokin Drinkin You know the regular Things lol And My sister Met Her boyfriend Now [[ Alex ]] And has been with him for about 5 yrs ne ways He was living with us...Yes Sharing a room with me and my sister Lol and my dad met Dawn <--I Hate with a passion You`ll Here about her alot And you`ll Hate her too lol anyways He started goin over to her house alot because she was scared of her husband shooting her ...Not to mention I wish he had but yeah so a couple months later He invites us all over and say's "I've got something to tell you guys" Automatically I know what he's really about to say Everyone say's "sarah if you need me to kick her a-s I will " but me being the nice person I am I choose to just let them be even though all my child support chex's we're being used to buy her hand made bra's And weed And taking care of her Kids because she had to eat out once a day you know But yeah so soon He didn't really care what we we're doing I was 15 Living with my sister alex and my then boyfriend william OMG What was he thinking By the way He was my first and only so far lol but yeah I really can't stand her so she Moves out and heeeeeeeeeee went with her so We have to move from sand mound too Dutch slough too Antioch we all lived together for about one year and Even before that Eww but Anyways this last july I went to my mothers house only to have a great time we went to this concert and then swam in her pool right but then July 5th came in and my sister calls me at 10 something and tell's me my dad's in the hospital and then later tell's me he died of a heart attack after fighting with DAWN Omg I hope you realize the fact she stressed him out so bad he died I did everything I could to controll my self and maybe think she was sorry and missed him to only to hear this cow a-s C-nt bitch!!!!! Ask if my brother was going to hit on her Omg I can't believe this...I want to kill her Now few months later the bong My dad left me And silver tray I had which mean's she went into my room and took this stuff out Finally returns it on a paper bag on my sisters car...with a thing from where mother lives...Dam I think Ima slap her silly But anyways my mom's herre buggin me so Ima go Pz

    The Tears That I cry Are warm And Bitter
    Silly of me to think you'd love me

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