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'- - » S a R a H (styl3sz) wrote,
@ 2005-09-12 02:23:00
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    Current mood:anxious
    Current music:Grrrrrrrrr


    Name:: Sarah . L . Rogers
    Age:: 18 yr's Of hell.
    Height:: 5'5
    Hair Color:: Brownish
    Eye Color:: BLUE!!!

    ((School Life/Education))

    School Mascot:: Uhm...Green Reefer?
    School Colors:: Green
    GPA:: Huh?
    Rank In Class:: LAST
    Favorite Teacher:: Nish
    What do they teach:: I dunno
    Is that your favorite class:: er Sure...I love School!!


    Do you use any instant messengers:: When i get the chance
    Which Ones:: AOL
    Hours a day you spend online:: Zero
    Do you have a digital camera:: Yes
    Do you post pics online:: Yes
    Where at:: Cpixel...ugh


    Do you play anything:: Noooooooope
    If so, what:: NOTHING
    3 Favorite genres of music:: Oldies,Hip Hop, R & b
    3 favorite bands:: Eh.. MetaLLica...Nirvana...<--For Rock *Wink Wink*
    Do you go to shows/concerts:: totally
    Most ever paid for a show/concert:: I Get It Freee
    Least ever paid for a show/concert:: FREE
    Do you think buying then wearing merchandise at a show is corny:: Very
    Bands you’re ashamed that you listen to:: I love my music theres nothin to be ashamed of.

    ((Word Association))

    Blue:: skys
    Black:: eyes
    Camera:: add on 50 pounds
    Boy:: 's suck
    Pretty:: n' pink
    Girl:: 's suck
    Pants:: Baby Phat
    Music:: Hip Hop
    God:: damn
    Satan:: Where?!?
    Sweater:: wanna pull my thread?
    Blurty :: 's CooL
    VH1:: Is the Shiiit


    What do you think about labels:: they keep you organized
    Why do you think that:: because its the damn truth. You calling me a liar?!?!?!
    What are you labeled as:: WonderfuL?
    Why are you labeled as that:: Cause I am?!

    ((Which is Worse?))

    Physical pain/Emotional pain:: Emotional Pain
    Blink 182/Good Charlotte:: Neither
    Being Deaf/Being Blind:: Deaf
    Being Bored/Being Rushed:: bored
    Losing dominant leg/Losing dominant arm:: I'd rather be dead......


    Is there a different between being in love and love:: Yes
    What’s the difference:: you know...i know the answer but i dont know how to put it down
    Is it better to have loved and lost:: I'd rather love and never loose........
    Are you romantic:: I try
    What is your idea of the perfect date:: Sitting at home smoking a fat blunt and listening to Music
    Are you in a relationship now:: No
    If so for how long/if not, how long you been single:: few Weeks
    If so, what’s he/she like/name: Randy
    Are you a virgin:: No.
    If not, age/when/who was your first:: 15
    If you are, why::
    Who song describes your current love life:: Must be nice [ Lyfe Jennings ]


    War- Good or Bad:: Depends on what were fighting for
    What do you think about designer labels:: It's better then wal-mart brand
    Whose skankier- B Spears or Paris Hilton:: Paris Hilton
    What is with guys and cars:: It's their play toys
    Do you sing:: only in the shower
    If so, what part ((Soprano, Alto, Etc..)):: hahahahaha
    Kiss or Hug:: kiss
    What color is your room:: WHITE...Stupider Renters
    How old is your mom:: 43?
    How old is your dad:: 55...Passed away
    Black and White or Color photos:: black and white
    Who cuts your hair:: NO ONE...i dont cut my hair
    What color is your toothbrush:: Green
    What color is your hairbrush:: Blue
    What kind of hair products do you use:: Head N shoulders I've got a sensative scalp
    What kind of tooth paste do you use:: Crest whitening experssions mint
    Favorite book:: Summer Sisters
    Is K-Mart the poor man’s Wal Mart:: WTF? k-mart is more expencive then wal-mart
    Are you sXe:: very?
    Are you sexXxy:: no?
    What color do people say look good on you:: Everything..
    What color do you think looks good on you:: black and black And Green
    Who do you sit with at lunch:: i sit on my bed with a good movie and a joint and Eat Bitches
    Who has the nicest singing voice you know:: Ugh.,. Kareoke I think NOT
    Best friends:: Renee [[ Sister ]] Randy [[ My Heart ]]
    What song can you never get bored with:: Jagged Edge Promise
    Last person you hung out with:: Renee Alex Matt Fefe [[ Felicia ]]
    Do you use internet short hand (i.e- jk, brb, lol)::Hardly, im not that lazy
    How often do you bathe:: Everyday Maybe two times
    How often you dye your hair:: Ughm...Almost Every Other Month...Blondes...
    Do you wear makeup:: eyeliner
    Do you buy edited or unedited CDs::unedited
    Does your mom sing “Hey Ya” by OutKast:: only when its on the radio


    Favorite Comedian:: Berni Mack
    Favorite Actor:: Robert Deniro [[ Wrong ]]
    Favorite Actress:: shrugg
    Favorite Director:: Wes Craven
    Top 4 Movies:: ScarFace- Dead Presidents- Butterfly Effect- Don't be a menice
    Favorite Musical:: I dunno
    Favorite Play:: Romeo and Juliet


    Who do you see yourself with:: Randy
    Why:: Because im deeply inlove with him
    Kids:: 4
    Boys names:: Anthony- Malik - David - I dunno
    Girls names:: Kayla-Ciara-Britney-I dunno
    Where do you want to live:: Somewhere where i dont know anyone
    Age to get married:: 26
    Where to get married::Hmm Somewhere Outside
    Honeymoon:: AmsterDam

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