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Jessica (stupidemoaddict) wrote,
@ 2004-08-08 21:30:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:uranium on fuse

    emergency meeting
    oh wow today was odd..there was an 'emergency meeting' with morgan, caroline, kiah, and jenna at th exchange field. i went thinking it would be a complete waste of time and id end up leaving early because i was so p.o.ed but it was actually kind of good for all of us as we all got out most of what was bothering us. we all started out talking about what we thought about the dc trip this year n morgan kiah n caroline were gonna go as a group n leave me n caroline n i was like wtf this is so effed up n we were all yelling at each other n caroline went for like a walk thing with her cousin n then came back for a while but didnt really say anything n then she left bout an hour before everyone else n wey all decided like caroline was like the 5th wheel ya kno? after that we all talked about what we didnt like about everybody else which i think cleared up a lot of tension between us all. im happy cos no one really had anything very bad to say about me but kiah was like me n her have like nothing in common anymore after that stupid lil fight we had in 5th grade n i agree but were still pretty good friends n morgan doesnt like joey (big suprise) but nobody really said anything directly about me.
    now i feel kinda bad cos ive known caroline so long but i really honestly feel like weve grown apart but i kno shes gonna tell her mom something n her moms prolly gonna say something to my mom about it.. but now jenna called me n was like can jenna n kiah tell caroline bout what we were talking about n i was like i guess go ahead but leave me out of it n i dunno what they told her but she called me like crying n i felt kinda bad but i cant be friends with someone just cos i feel bad for them as that wouldnt be fair to either of us. now im talkin to caroline on aim n i think she thinks like were all completely deserting her n shiet but were really not. i mean she has a whole fuck load of friends besides me kiah jenna n morgan n its not like were never gonna see each other again or we hate her n are mad at her.

    on a lighter note: me n my mom n ed painted the kitchen green today. it looks a hell of a lot better i think. now we gotta paint my room.

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