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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2005-04-19 17:29:00
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    i welcome all suggestions for the whatalooker2 concept
    Added Features:

     Contest can be changed to Daily, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Monthly easily.
     This affects males and females of the day as well as prize resets, votes info reset.
     Winners history would also be directly affected. Must be done so there is daily, weekly, or monthly history to reflect current contest.
     Contest for new registered users must have deadlines. Ie. Monthly contest latest entry is 20th of month. After that, it’s in the next month contest. Daily must be submitted the previous day to be a part of todays contest. Weekly must be submitted by Sunday deadline to be a part of next week contest. Deadlines should be flexible so that I can change my mind about days easily.
     Total contestants = users. Users pay 1 contest point for unlimited pictures in that contest rather than 1 dollar for each picture. Users do not have to enable contest to be in search. They should always be in search but grand prize is counted only for paid contestants. There must be something to denote a paid contestant in search from unpaid.
     Users who are not in contest but ahead of paid contestant in points and are not new should receive a mail I can write/control easily from admin CMS, the day before contest is over telling them to enter their money because they are ahead of 1st place paid contestant and have a good chance of winning.
     Voting pages change in design to drop and drag strategy. Pictures supplemented and verbal instructions may be necessary.
    a. drag numbers to pics / pics to numbers
    b. click details to open user profile without leaving page. A small window not hiding screen.
    c. Free flirts can be sent by dragging and dropping. Concept of icon for this must be created
    d. Concept for vacant pics in “Number Line” ie. 9 (90-100) must be created.
    e. Auto rotation from right to left after each vote is made. Voted pic gets hidden to the left while new right pic appears until all are voted by each contestant. It is not mandatory though and picture rotation can be done manually by dragging or clicking to choose who you want to vote for. If going back and seeing voted people, there should be something to denote they have been voted for, in other words vote disablement. However they still can flirt and open profile. Once flirted for, flirt will also be disabled from that user/ip.
    f. Before entering this big voting area, there should be a convenient way to introduce some encrypted numbers to copy before one may begin.
     Custom searches will have all options as current, but search results will be shown as above, except filtered custom criteria.
     User Area: User area should mimic very much what anonymous area shows without having too many extra pages. Information should be maximal and efficient throughout, while having features that already exist in user area.
    a. There are too many screens: months entered, pictures in each contest (including primary photo)
    available contest points/message points
    b. Pay area should not navigate away from contact page. Can use same idea as user profile, of opening new smaller page to make payments. All pay options should be available as now, except more compact and efficient information source. The process of paying should be as minimal as possible (few screens and almost no navigation to go through) Once payment is made, automatically closes payment page to be back on user account area with updated information reflected.
     CMS: all fields sortable by clicking headers, even allow me to run my own sql query from there and see information displayed how I sent the command to do it.
     All email actions that currently go out should be captured in CMS. Allow me to change messages from there if I need to. Also allow me to send email from there to everyone in my database, or anyone in particular. Allow me to see current schedule setup for all automatic messages and customize schedule of messages sent at my command.
     Pic Review Area: Will be adding a voting grid to this page also, but since only admin will use this screen, it does not capture ip. It will allow all users to have a starting vote so that no one ever has a null score. Message area about yourself will be added to users profiles but will be reviewed here all in one step with picture. If people edit their information about themselves, needs to pass through the pic review process again for approval, or whatever is the best choice we will think of…

     Design: Design must fit the new drag and drop features. It must be low resource intensive, but still very slick. All pages should be tightened up where needed, including any flash. It should reflect a very fashionable kind of look, showing instructions for all features so that all features are undestood. Ie. Mouseover tips, or whatever is very trendy now.

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