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Jake-currentfave-BlackWidow (streetballmob) wrote,
@ 2005-03-17 14:43:00
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    Things are still very high
    My doors of opportunity are swiftly opening, people are looking at me in a new way, respecting me? Am i emitting a confidence to deserve it? Nothing has happened yet, but isnt it incredible?

    My mother calls me her millionare-cheek, its kind of a pet way/love dovey way of saying a word.

    In russian, its possible to give all names a little add on at the end to show warmth or affection.

    Like you would be gigi-chka (gigi) or something like that...isnt that funny? or lets say you have the word,
    daughter, which means dochka...If i were to say it in a sweet affectionate way, i would say dochinka.

    Older people tend to use these sweetening terms to younger people to make the younger feel a connection or a bond...Sometimes even if they dont know you.

    I think it really works. However there are some who can find it offensive. They take it the wrong way if they have mental problems (im thinking of a very particular person, sorry lol). For instance, you can say dochinka to your daughter's friend lets say...And the daughter's friend may say, HEY I ALREADY HAVE A MOTHER! (that really happened) kind of mental! But it depends on your upbringing. If you come from a very huggy kissy traditional family, perhaps a southern-european or mediterranean upbringing, its perfectly acceptable and taken as a compliment. Countries that obviously pop to mind are latin origin countries, italy - spain - south american - mexican... You get my point.

    Western Europeans may find it very archaic and primitive, even though it's not. But because of the freedom in culture, in sexuality, in independence, other commonalities trickle.

    Personally, its even affected the way I look at things. For instance, once i went out with a girl who liked me, but wasnt used to any affection aside from sexual...No holding hands, nothing. She found it customary to kiss in private, or to have sex, but felt odd about kisses on the cheek, holding hands in public...

    I felt like a stranger and even though i liked her too, i couldnt handle that..I understood that it was culture clash more than anything. Perhaps she wasnt innertly "cold", but that's the only thing she knew.

    I tend to express myself physically as well as verbally. Sometimes i dont even want to talk. "Just want to shut the fuck up and enjoy comfortable silence" - tarantino to add..maybe hold eachother, baby eachother, spank her....ok the last one is just me , disgratziadooooo ;-)

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