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jaYe bYrd (strawberrikissz) wrote,
@ 2004-03-07 13:44:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:at a glance- afi

    omg. wow thurday night was so amazing. i cant even describe it. Coheed and Cambria were kick ass and Thursday was okay i guess.. idk i never really liked them anyways..and what was with the guy and swinging the microphone. haha. then AFI came out to miseria cantare and i just got so excited. ahh! i mean i was listening to that song like a hour before and then they come out to it .. and its just like wow.. im actually seeing them live. hehe :D they were so amazing. i was screaming so loud. and i felt soo happy and excited to be there. haha. they played so many good songs, they played like 8 songs off sing the sorrow and they played a couple older ones like total immortal and morning star. it was deffinatly one of the best nights of my life. then i heard that davy got sick and they canceled the rest of the tour and we were the last venue. i was so glad that he got sick after our show. lol

    tonight is the john mayer/ maroon 5 concert. haha (total music change.. i know) but yeh im sort of excited for it. not as much as i was for afi but it should still be cool. me and lyssa are gonna leave in like a hour and a half or something. idk haha but yeh it should be fun!

    man i feel like im on a huge rollarcoaster. i have wanted to get off for the past 3 weeks...but i havdnt had enough courage. i thought id be done today but things changed... so maybe i can talk to him before i leave to go to tampa.

    k well ill see everyone bright and early tomarrow. peace.

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