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Strange Little Girl (strangelilgrl) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 13:13:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:The Sundays: Life and Soul

    Sick Days and House Arrangements
    Well I left school early today because I am sick as crap man. It started off when I had to run to the bathroom during 2nd period to throw up. Have you noticed that the bathroom always seems to be about a mile away when you need to puke? After I puked, I walked back into the class, sat down, and a cough attack came over me. I had to, once again, run outside to drink some water before I choked. All this was happening during a test mind you. Finally after running in and out about a hundred times, I gave up on the test, turned it in, and asked my teacher if I can use her phone to call my mom. I would have signed myself out and walked home, BUT this school has this incredibly dumb rule that you can not sign yourself out of school even if you are 18. Dumb. My mom answered, yelled at me about how I should have gone to the Doctor like she told me too, then I said bye and hung up in the middle of her ranting. I did not feel like listening to her yell at me.

    I walked to my 4th period class and sat down at my desk. The teacher looked at me and asked me what I was doing in school. She said I looked horrible. I, of course, thanked her sarcastically for making such a comment. She told me to call my mom at lunch and go home. After staying in her class for the first half of the lunch period to make up a quiz, I walked downstairs to find an unoccupied pay phone. I coincidentally forgot my cell phone at home today. Now to use a payphone it costs 50 cents! Can you believe that? I remember when it was 25 cents and how it slowly progressed to 35 cents and now it's at 50 freaking cents! It's a rip off. Anyways, my mom answered the phone and I, very carefully as to not provoke her again, asked her to please pick me up because even the teachers are telling me to go home. She was actually very nice about it and showed up promptly (that was a shocker!) at 11 like she said she would. We drove back to the soon-to-be EX-apartment and she told me that she's going to buy me medicine and if I didn't take it, she'd clobber me over the head with a broom. I didn't doubt her for a second because I have been clobbered with a cereal box before so I knew she wouldn't hesitate to clobber me with a broom. Then she drove off to our NEW HOUSE!

    We are moving in by Nov. 7. We already have running water in the house and we get our electricity put on tomorrow. Our house is also being painted tomorrow. The furniture is bought and we are almost ready. My mom picked some very akward colors for the house, but I'm sure it's going to look fine because my mom is good at these kind of things. She also picked the color of my room without consulting me which somewhat irked me, but (as I said before) I trust her. I guess we'll find out soon enough...

    Ok, just for the record here: I AM SO SCREWED! I have to apply to colleges. I don't know what I'm doing! I can do this though, I just have to wait to get my SAT scores, see how dumb I am, and apply. I have to take Kelley's advice to relax and breathe. It'll be fine... maybe... kinda... sorta.... AH!

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