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jake (strangegods) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 01:50:00
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    hell is 'round the corner
    I'm posting an hour earlier than my usual 3 AM, but I guess my millions of faithful readers will just have to deal. I'm at a real loss for words. I'm petrified by the monumental task of studying for finals. I worry entirely too much, but studying for 7 exams (5 classes + 2 make-up exams), all to be taken over the course of 6 days, is intimidating. 2 of those exams are cumulative, which makes things even better. Meanwhile, I have my favorite Sam Phillips song stuck on repeat in my mind. Download it. Buy it. But whatever you do, listen to it.

    Sam Phillips "I Need Love"

    i left my conscience like a crying child
    locked the door behind me put the pain on file
    broken like a window i see my blindness now

    i need love
    not some sentimental prison
    i need god
    not the political church
    i need fire
    to melt the frozen sea inside me
    i need love

    driving into town tired and depressed
    like a flare the streetlight bursts into an s.o.s.
    peace comes to my rescue i don't know what it means
    i need love

    Now I'm not quite sure how applicable the words are to me, but sometimes the music just speaks to me. I'll refrain from getting too, well, stupid about it. Nonetheless, it's a good song. The December holidays will soon be upon us. I'm greatly looking forward to the break from school, and now that I've finished with all but two of my major courses and upper-level electives, I have nothing but lower-level electives between me and graduation. So what exactly does that mean? Besides two sociology classes, next semester I'll be taking the following classes: human nutrition and food, U.S. schools and society, and educational psychology. Each of those classes has a grade distribution of at least 40% As... gravy. Well, I guess I'll end on a good note this morning.

    peace and serenity

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