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steve (strange_magic) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 12:12:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    Just home from work. Don't know why the Hell I needed to be there, but they're the boss 'o me. Didn't do jack so
    I shouldn't complain. Killer headache again. Damn sinus or something. Gonna take something for it. Chad's Dad never did show. What a fuckin' creep. I was gonna get up and email Hannah before work but didn't get it done. Hope she got my emails before she left on her big day! Have fun baby!! I Love you tons honey! Damn glad I don't have classes today, I can't think straight to save my ass. Damn old man of mine really wacked me good with that fucking board. Still hurts. Fuck him. Damn asshole hitting me from behind because I told him I didn't have any money for him and wanted to know about my computer and jacket. Nuff about that. That's in the past.
    Damn Mom get the Hell out of there! One more week of classes and then dead week and finals. Getting closer to
    XMAS!!!!:D:D:D!!!!! I've never looked forward to XMAS like this before in my life!!:D:D. God she is something else!! I can't wait to meet her!! Not sure what to do next semester. Found out I can get in a dorm but Chad's mom told me I could stay here too. Don't really want the dorm crap. Not much privacy, but may have to be that way. Just know I'm not going back home. That's a given. Have fun today sugarsweets! I'm thinking about you and know you are having a great time. I Love You most, sweetie!

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