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steve (strange_magic) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 12:58:00
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    Current mood: busy

    again i can't believe a computer is free! God Hannah's words of paranoia struck home with me. i missed talking with her so much last night. she's like a drug to me, i need a fix to make my day and make me feel whole and good! fucking turbo-flow prof. and his paper out of the blue. just bull so no one takes off early for turkey day. chad's mom finally letting go this morning. saddness.......she doesn't deserve an ass like his old man. none of my
    business but hate to see the heartache. part of life i guess, but shitty. those who deserve the pain only give it. how fair is that? guess life is a series of tests and those who survive pass them. then i just check email and have one from bro. wants me home sunday for thanksgiving. fuck, i don't want to go but know he will raise holy hell if i don't. maybe won't be so bad with him and his family being there and i can duck out early. oh well will wait and see. right now i need to get back at it. why can't it be xmas next week instead of turkey day??
    miss you special HTH!!!*Hugs sweetness* Love you bunches!!

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