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my heart is the worst kind of weapon (storysofar) wrote,
@ 2004-07-31 23:59:00
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    Current mood: hyper

    Bloody Mall Rats
    Hah today was the bloody best. I met Brian and Robby from Offset. Good stuff.
    They were playing warped for one of the smaller stages but couldn't get their van to Ft. Lauderdale so they decided to drive down the west coast and do some promotion before going to Jacksonville. Anyway, I had just finished visiting Paulie at work(he's got a job at Hot Topic) and was going to the mall's food court when Brian walks up to me asking if I went to Warped Tour yesterday. I said no and he started to go on about how his band was down from San Deigo playing a few east coast dates and if I wanted to listen to them. Me being me I was like why the fuck not. The stuf was pretty good and sounded familar(at this point I didn't know these guys were frm Offset)and we started to talk a bit about club shows before Robby handed me the cd so I could look at the cover art. When I see it I started to laugh a little and asked if a guy named Christian ran the street team. They said yeah and asked how I knew. I explained how Chris was a friend of mine from the emo. punk boards back in the day and sent me a demo a few years back. Because of my lack of funds Robby said he'd give me the cd half off since I knew Christian and had their demo. So I gave him the five bucks and we started to talk about the different places to play in Florida and I gave them some contacts they could look up next time they tour Florida. Like I said before, good stuff kids.

    Now let's move on. I talked to the owner over at the CD Warehouse and he seems pretty impressed with me even with my lack of retail work. I explained how most of my jobs and school activities I had worked with people and handled money. I seriously can sell anything, even myself. He mentioned me working on the weekends so I hope that was a good sign of things to come and I'll have a pimp job soon.

    Dammit, today is Warped Tour and I forgot to ask some to go and get me some badges. Bleh. Next time or something.

    ANTI-FLOYD - The Terrier State is the name of the Anti-Flag cd in dutch. ^.^

    cross x's over my eyes,

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