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my heart is the worst kind of weapon (storysofar) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 01:45:00
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    Current mood: amused

    excuse me as i make an ass out of myself
    SwingSetGirl636: Heh...dear god amber.....
    SwingSetGirl636: I know who you meant... I love Conan!
    ForeverHasAnEnd: there was bad british accents, talking of what snogging sound like it would be, and urineville
    ForeverHasAnEnd: all this while Bony was orbiting thru my head
    SwingSetGirl636: Heh! I read "all this white bony was orbiting in my head"
    SwingSetGirl636: Which makes it a completley differeny sentence
    ForeverHasAnEnd: lol
    ForeverHasAnEnd: hah i just snorted.
    ForeverHasAnEnd: ah, laughing is so good
    SwingSetGirl636: Heh!!! Yay!!!
    SwingSetGirl636: Especially when you snort
    ForeverHasAnEnd: maybe it's so late that everything is so damn amusing
    SwingSetGirl636: HEh. Yah know what is amusing. How worked up people get when they read there is gonna be a movie with "male companionship" in it. That's funny....ish
    ForeverHasAnEnd: lol i read that championship.
    it's get how peopel love the male chapmionship moives.
    SwingSetGirl636: HEH hah hah hah!!!!! WOOOH
    SwingSetGirl636: It is WAAAAY past our bedtimes.
    ForeverHasAnEnd: my god i can't spell
    SwingSetGirl636: You can tell these things by how our ability to read goes out the window
    ForeverHasAnEnd: i blame this all on BENONY!

    well i was never abole to to well read to begin with.
    SwingSetGirl636: Abole? Ebola!!! That stuff is harsh.
    SwingSetGirl636: Evidently, you were never able to spell either.

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