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my heart is the worst kind of weapon (storysofar) wrote,
@ 2003-03-20 20:24:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:AFI

    where's my gas mask and bomb shelter?
    quick note:
    I have posted this in my livejournal, deadjournal, melo, GCR, and kiwi, so if you love me and know me from any of those you have read this.

    i hope people realize the extremes that Iraq is in now didn't not occur until after the Gulf War.
    Also if you look at northern Iraq they are a very democratic population within the country. the problem is in sourthen Iraq. they have come to the extremes they have to their money having little and no value causing them to buy into the Wahabi organizations that pay the Iraqi people just for following them. if that part of the country could have been helped after GW I then things might have been different then now.

    also we have all these trade embargos with all these countries we've had war with but after GW I we still kept getting oil from Iraq. if we had an embargo then and used the oil we have in this country there's a big chance this situation would be not happening now. how so you ask? well my friends war is just a fight for power ansd in this day in age he who has the oil has the power. hence we don't use our oil we'll have plenty oil to sell off when the middle east begans to run dry of it.

    Further more, until i'm given real proof that there are all these weapons and they are being given to terrorists i will not support the war. til that day comes i will view Bush, his administration, and America it's self as just another terrorist group because right now that's what America is. America is bringing terror into the hearts of those people who have done nothing wrong but unfortunately were born into Iraq. We have gone ansd bombed these people while they were still sleeping. I know a girl about my age from the Baghdad area and last night i got what might be the last e-mail from her for awhile. in it she talked about how she was scared and crying because she could hear the bombs being dropped. each time she heard them she thought they were coming closer and closer and would soon hit her home. if that is not bringing terror to an innocent then i don't know what is. as steve best put it:
    You can not be pro-war but anti-terrorism, or use war to fight terrorism. war is terrorism.

    the end.

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