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Alissa (stopthief33) wrote,
@ 2004-09-09 02:12:00
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    a lot of time has passed. I feel like a different person reading these occurances like their someone elses. Very weird. I love questionaires. I also love that no one will probably read this. ACE!
    name;: Alissa
    do you like your name;: yeah, except nobody ever spells it correctly
    middle name;: Scott (it's my mom's maiden name,)
    do you like your middle name more than your first?;: no
    birthdate;: sept. 1st, 1981
    age;: 23
    wish you were still..;: 5, kindergarten rocked!
    shoesize;: 8 1/2
    do you act your shoe-size?;: sometimes
    hair color;: blond
    every change the color?;: I used to change it like I change my shoes. It's been my natural color for awhile
    whos hair do you wish you had?;: ashley's with slightly more hold.
    eye color;: blue
    what color do you wish they were?;:I'm fine with blue
    height;: 5"11
    want to be taller or shorter?;: I like being tall
    what do you like most about your body?;: my eyeballs
    least?;: my whack feet. they hurt constantly
    would you have plastic surgery? no way, totally against it
    [your favorites]
    name;: Stella
    song;: I couldn't make that decision even if my life depended on it....seriously
    band;: same
    album;: there's a tie between versus-the stars are insane and my bloody valentine-loveless
    movie;: west side story
    place;: san fran and in my car driving in the middle of nowhere
    season;: autumn and winter
    time of day;: late late night
    radio station;: KXLU 88.9
    genre of music;: couldn't choose
    teacher;: Amber Catherine my philosophy prof. last semester
    class;: English, creative writing
    sport;: not interested
    drink;: I'm trying to drink water, I consume an insane amount of soda every day. I'm a total addict
    food;: italian
    candy;: chocolate
    gum;: the minty kind or big red
    cartoon;: ren and stimpy
    show;: forensic files
    color;: pink, black, red, turquoise
    friend;: all of them
    celebrity;: not really any of them a lot. Adrian Brody is fucking hot though
    place to be;: roller skating rink
    [love exc..]
    your sexuality?;: straight
    do you have a 'someone';: maybeh
    if not, a crush;: absolutely yes
    if you have a crush do they know;: they should by now, shit.
    do you want them to know;: uh, yea
    if you have a 'someone' - 2 dates-going on 3 LOL
    is it love;: beep beep beep
    or is it lust;:.......
    best thing about them;: he doesn't own a tv
    why you like them;: because he's amazing
    something you don't like about them;: I don't know if this crazy feeling is mutual
    have you kissed;: kinda yeah
    if so, are they a good kisser;: so far soooo good
    when do you think about them the most;:constantly at all hours of the day
    would you ever cheat;: no
    have you cheated before;:no
    what reminds you of them;: everything
    I sound like a psycho hose beast. I'm just being honest
    [enough with that - currents]
    time;: 2:25 a and I'm doing this shit.
    taste;:peppermint hot tea
    clothes;: my skimpy pjs, it's fucking hot in my house!!!!!
    makeup;: none
    jewlery;: just the yooj (usual)
    music;:the loud fan I just noticed now....thanks a lot
    food;: nothing
    thought;:Live journal is down and I haven't written anything on here in ages but I was reading my old answers to this questionaire and I felt an edit was in order.
    feeling;: warm and toasty
    worry;: where I'm going to live
    obsession;: amoeba
    noise;: see music
    [have you evers..]
    done drugs;:yes
    gotten drunk;: yes
    ran away;: not really, I used to threated my mom with it when i was really young.
    got in a fight;: yes my brother and I used to almost kill each other
    kicked a guy in the nuts;: hell yeah, I'm surprised my brother can still function in that region, not like I'd know.
    bitch-slapped someone;: I've always wanted to
    gotten a death threated;: someone threatened to kill themselves if I didn't cooperate and date them, does that count? THat guy was a major psycho, I hope he's doing well now.
    give a death threat;: no man
    been stalked;: sort of
    stalked;: no
    skinnydipped;: yes
    had sex;: yes
    madeout;: yes
    gave head;: yes
    saw your parents have sex;: no, they seperated when I was 7
    stolen anything;: yes
    broken a law;: yes
    thought of suicide;: in general, sure. Not for me though
    attempted suicide;: no
    cried;: yes dummy
    had an emotional breakdown;: yes
    killed something;:I killed a racoon on Sepulveda :( I was so sad, I started crying
    [companions - friends (most..}]
    nicest;: Joyleen
    funniest;: Katrina
    caring;: Joyleen
    orginal;: um.
    annoying;: none of them
    fustrating;: i'd say myself
    stupid;: none
    smart;: all of them
    talented;: dilean
    wierd;: joyleen
    strange;: joyleen
    out-going;: ashley
    preppiest;: joyleen
    dorkiest;: me
    prettiest;: ashley, that whore
    ugliest;: none
    gives best advice;: joyleen and dilean for the most part
    best friend;: k, d, and j
    listens to you;: dilean
    fight with the most;: not any of them a whole lot. Probably Joyleen and Katrina and even then, it's very minimal
    sweetest;: joyleen
    betrayed you the most;: none as far as I know
    going to be famous;: dilean
    going to the slammer;: I wouldn't put it past any of them
    trouble-maker;: joyleen
    will be the one on the corner in a box;: hmm
    sluttiest;: hahaha she knows who she is
    ditziest;: j & k in a good way. whoa I rhymed
    wish you were closer to;: neomalie
    coolest;: all of them
    saddest;: joyleen
    potty mouth;: ashley totally
    if you had to..get married to them;: dilean and I'd make her cook for me LOL
    [deep thoughts]
    gay marriages;: pro
    g. bush;:is he dead yet
    john carrey;: they're all liars
    toilets;: great place to shit
    rappers;: they're cooler than you
    abortions;: good in most cases
    green potatoe chips;: I hate those!!
    sex before marriage;: not a problem with me
    this thing;: a good way for me to forget what I really should be doing
    suicide;: selfish
    drugs;:high school was fun. Now I'm an "adult"
    ghosts;: patrick swayze ruined it for me
    love at first sight;: have not experienced it
    [When was the last time you..]
    cried;: when I watched Napoleon Dynamite, I was laughing so hard I cried
    smiled;: when I saw jared
    laughed;: ditto
    said 'i love you';: when I talked to my mom on the phone on sunday
    bonded with your mother/father;: last Saturday
    gave a hug;: tonight at work-jared
    watched tv;: 2 weeks ago
    listened to music;:in ashley's discman outside an hour ago, I freaked out and ran inside because a spider came down from the sky and was hanging out right next to my head. I think he wanted to listen to Neutral Milk Hotel too.
    lied;: today, I won't get into it
    faked sick;: never
    were sick;: back in Jan. I think it was
    were depressed;: last month
    were bored;: now
    bit your nail;: 4 hours ago
    tapped your foot;:doing it right now
    ate an apple;: when I was waiting for my mom to get out of surgery 3 weeks ago
    said something nice to someone;:to jared at work tonight
    [who was the last person..]
    said im sorry to;: some client at work
    you told you loved;:my mom
    hugged;: jared
    kissed;: jared
    wanted to kill;: oh lots of people LOL
    slapped;: james at work, it was more of a love tap
    kicked;: don't remember probably luke
    saw;: ashley
    talked to;: ashley
    glared at;: some lady at work who was ignoring her child as it fucked with our stereo and ran all over the place in a frenzy, craving attention.
    shopped with;: myself
    cried with;: Ashley
    made you cry;: Ashley
    you thought about;: jared constantly
    said your stupid to;: ashley for talking her dumb shit
    you wished you were;: no one other than me
    do you like..
    meatpuppets?;: yeah sure
    black flag;: yeah
    bad religion; not really
    minor threat;: yeah
    metallica;: circa ride the lightning
    guns' n' roses;: circa use your illusion
    ac/dc;: yes
    hanson;: oh yeah
    afi;: no
    smile empty soul;: dont know them
    taking back sunday;: don't know but they sound shitty
    alkaline trio;: no
    drowning pool;: for the love, NO
    stain'd;: ditto
    aerosmith;: circa get a grip and prior
    three days grace;: they have a shitty ring to them also
    all american rejects;: no
    gc;: NO NO NO
    sticky little fingers;: who>?
    green day;: hell yeah
    blink 182;: no
    the ataris;: no
    limp bizcuit;:NONONNONON
    red13;: no
    linkin park;: no, unless I'm composing the soundtrack to my version of hell
    story of the year;: no
    hoobastank;: stank in the name=bad news
    incubus;: no, this would be track 2 on my hell soundtrack
    the beatles;: LOVE THEM
    switchfoot;: track 3
    nirvana;: yes
    the vines;: ultimately annoying
    misfits;: yeah
    my chemical romance;: no idea
    [what comes to your mind..]
    joe;: joe cool, like, snoopy. DUD!
    heart;: awesome band
    rain;: cold weather sounds fantastic right now
    blimp;: indiana jones and the last crusade *pfff
    rollin';: stones
    love;: soon?
    sweet;: I could be so lame right now, but I won't go there
    november;: hahaha, wyclef. It's the first thing that came to mind!
    aol;: nonsense
    stickey;: post its
    porn;: what I have to see at work all day everyday don't get the wrong idea, I work in a photo lab!
    beef;: yuck poor moomoos
    spam;: that's seriously sick dude
    music;: my life support
    end;: thank god
    [the end]
    how do you say goobye;: peace out
    did you like this thing, it passed the time

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