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stone482 (stone482) wrote,
@ 2011-07-21 15:02:00
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    Things To Know About Skywest Airlines

    Skywest Airlines is a hugely auspicious airline from the United States, that is continuing to enlarge their services throughout the years. Their specialty is partnering with other airlines and helping them serve a wider base of travelers. Take for example, the most current associations they have formed with Alaska Airlines to offer flights. We will look more closely at Skywest Airlines and the possibility of serving the needs of the traveler.

    If you are looking for the airline that the Airline Quality Study has rated as having the lowest costs numerous times, check out one of the primary partners of Skywest Airlines, AirTran. The main focus of AirTran, a subsidiary of the much larger Southwest Airlines, is providing bargains for their customers in the way of cheaper flights and various vacation and package bargains. For example, this airline offers many specials to popular vacation spots such as Cancun, Jamaica, Orlando, Bermuda and Las Vegas.

    AirTran is able to accommodate your flight plans in and throughout the Midwest region of the US as a result of its partnership with Skywest Airlines. Some of Air Trans most popular connections are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and can take you to St. Louis, Missouri; Pittsburgh, PA; Omaha, NE; and Des Moines, Iowa. Their low prices make AirTran an excellent carrier to consider for your travel.

    It's always good practice to monitor your flight information for your flights with Skywest from time to time before your departure date to make sure there have been no schedule changes. This is actually recommended for any type of air travel.

    However, when looking for flight information about Skywest flights, or when checking in, you should go to the website of the partner airline, not Skywest directly. For example, if the ticket you bought was for a flight Skywest is running on behalf of Delta Airlines, you'd get your info and check in via Delta's site. The same situation holds true if you need to contact Customer Service for any reason. Some examples are if you need updated flight information or you must make changes to your flight itinerary.

    When you are traveling with someone who needs special attention or accommodations in any way, contact Skywest Airlines beforehand and find out if they can handle your requirements. Of course, you won't have as many benefits available to you when you fly with one of the smaller regional airlines, such as Skywest. For example, anyone who may require therapeutic oxygen should not book a flight with Skywest, as this is not something that's available. If you need wheelchair access, check to make sure the plane you will be flying on can accommodate wheelchairs. Some of the planes can, but some cannot.

    Nor can service animals be seated in passenger seats. Regional airlines most likely aren't the best choice if you have special needs. You would be better off choosing a mainstream airline with bigger airplanes. Make sure to check with Skywest Airlines in advance of any flight plans you may be making to find out if they have the resources to accommodate your special needs.

    Skywest is just one of the regional carriers that savvy travelers are discovering. They have decided that flying for short trips is far better than driving a car. When you consider the state of the economy and the instability of fuel prices, you can understand why travel on the smaller regional airlines is growing in popularity. Add to that the fact that a lot of people are just taking short trips in lieu of the longer trips that used to be the fashion. Skywest Airlines is becoming a leader in helping travelers discover the pleasures of traveling with a regional carrier.

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