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face down ass up (stickylikeelmer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 20:37:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Spank My Ass!: Hot Trizzacks Compiled By LeeLee

    as long as i know right from wrong...
    i'll be ok i'll sing my songs...

    ok so the snow came and went through the night. although there's more a-comin our way. snow can suck a big 8 inch dick if you ask me. i hate it.

    Brian came by today and helped me shovel the driveway since i was home alone today. he brought a nice lookin dutch as well. we finished that driveway in 1 hour! i guess all i need is some incentive to do that shit. didn't want to smoke first otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done at all.

    we ended up meeting up with bri's friend jay. he knows him from work... let me tell you all a little somethin about jay...
    fucker's hot as hell. i want to have anal sex with him. tell that bitch to lube it up fer serious! he's got a look about him that makes me think he's into kink. that's me baby! i'm kinktastic! all kink all the time.

    so anyway... i didn't have to go to work today. i would have been able to get there fine but Lisa, my boss, called and said the office was gonna be closed i got a day off. tomorrow i'm on my own though for the first time. it's gonna be scary. o well, i can do it!

    ok so i had the interview yesterday at footprints. the position is for an assitant manager on sunday and friday. perfect! the only 2 days i'm free. so i'm expecting a call sometime next week. she said it's looking good since all the interviews she had scheduled never showed. so... i'm feelin pretty confident. money and hours aren't bad either...ya know just somethin extra.

    so brian is finally back! he moved from philly back home. he missed me..that's why. nah, brah your old roomies totally sucked the wang. tell terry he can lick my cat's anus fer serious.

    so i'm good today. today was good. have a busy day all day and then work. haven't done that since last year. i really like my job though. everybody is really nice and i like tony d. a lot.
    Last night he walks up to me and goes..

    ya know, the newest employee always has to do a dance in the showroom before closing. soo... i did a little dance around the lincoln navigators before closing. i want one of them. i was chillin in one with tony and they're hot as hell.

    ok... LATE!

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