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face down ass up (stickylikeelmer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-27 12:51:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Cex...role model

    top notch soo-preme-o
    so i haven't posted a real update in a while. i've been kind of just gathering my thoughts.

    last week was the start of the new semester. on thursday, i went to intro to hospitality. this class is gonna blow a big one. i'm gonna have to bust my ass if i plan on passing...and i do. it's interesting i guess but there's a lot of work. my instructor looks like mr. clean..without the earring. this class is pretty big and the room is the size of a closet. luckily, he said we'll usually be done at 2. the guy, nick, that i sat next to is really sweet. his family owns some restaurant and he wants to learn how to run it when the time comes. he said he's got good bud so i grabbed his number...

    so... i started work at lawrence lincoln mercury yesterday. my job is fuckin easy i can't believe it. anthony demarsalis or tony d. to us in the office, works there and he's chill. the girl angel who is training me is 22 and has 2 kids. a boy and a girl. she had the girl when she was 19. she's kinda big and she had horrible skin and red..i'm talking fake crayola red hair. tony and dave, the vallet wanted me to smoke after but i took a rain check....

    i ended up with smoked with anthony however. not sure why i even went out at all last night. i have to start gettin more sleep. i need to sleep at night. i end up staying up till ungodly hours and that's what makes me so sluggish during the tonight i'm not going out.

    ha! i heard from mulliken a while back that tony has a crush on me. last night he went and warmed up my car for me and everything. he's a really sweet guy. we've smoked at mulliken's place in trenton and he's funny as hell.

    i have an interview in an hour at footprints. i need this job, but i'm kinda dreading it because i hate feet. i have some sort of phobia. i hate it when i see them i hate it when other people touch my feet. i hate everything about them.. i even hate looking at my feet....

    i'm tired from last night. i shouldn't have went out. i wasn't gonna go out. around 10:30 i was in bed and ready to just call it a night. and i was gonna call anthony and tell him i didn't feel like goin ot anymore. but i went and now i'm tired. and now i want to lay down and take a nap. but i can't..but oh well...maybe my old sleeping pattern will come back and i'll be ok in a week or so. i hope so.

    this semster is looking good. i have a job, i start health and sociology tomorrow, baking 101 is going to be easy, the thing i gotta focus on is hospitality. that's going to be the death of me i swear...but i'm more interested in nick than the business.

    so here i the interview..wish me luck

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