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MR. BROWN MAN (stfumrbrownman) wrote,
@ 2005-01-17 13:15:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Wilco

    |ABOUT YOU |
    Name:: Alyssa
    Age:: thirty-two, Jesus
    Hometown:: Fayetteville, NC
    Hair Color:: light reddish brown
    Eye Color:: depends, usually blue or grey
    Height:: 5'3"
    Parents names:: David and Amanda
    Siblings:: Philip, Donovan, Ashleigh
    Peircings:: Ears.
    Tattoos:: None
    Color:: green
    Song:: "Dry Your Eyes" by The Streets
    Movie:: Napoleon Dynamite or Garden State
    TV Show:: I don't watch TV.
    Actor:: Zach Braff or Jake Gylalskdfa, I can't remember how to spell it
    Actress:: no idea
    Singer/Band:: Ween or Phish
    Type of Music:: I'm not really sure what to call it. Rock. I guess.
    Vacation Spot:: Panama City, haha
    Place to Hang out:: Maureen's or Erica's
    Store:: Hasting's
    Clothes Brand:: American Eagle
    Perfume/Cologne:: Curve for men
    Drink:: strawberry Fanta
    Food:: I really like granola bars and pizza rolls. I also really like fried chicken,
    Subject:: MATHOMFGZ. No, history or art.
    Holiday:: Christmas
    Season:: Spring
    Teacher:: Mr. Thompson and Mr. Dyer
    | LAST .. |
    Movie you rented:: Garden State
    Song you listened to:: "Sugar On My Tongue" by Talking Heads
    CD you bought:: Sumday by Grandaddy
    Person you hugged:: I can't remember. If not Maureen, then Erica.
    Person you kissed:: It's been so long. And he's unmentionable.
    Person you touched:: God. I don't know.
    Word you said:: LOL
    Song you sang:: "I'm the Man that Loves You" by Wilco
    Thing you ate:: a granola bar
    Thing you bought:: no idea
    Person you called:: Pablo
    Person you IMed:: Pablo
    Vacation you went on:: can't remember... Panama City with Maureen and Conor?
    | DO YOU .. |
    Drink:: Si
    Do drugs:: No, well, not really
    Play sports:: No
    Go to school:: Si
    Want more peircings:: no
    Believe in love:: Yeah
    Have a boyfriend/girlfriend:: NO.
    Belive in God:: no
    Get good grades:: If As, Bs and Cs are good, then yeah
    Smoke:: cigz r nasty
    Like rollercoasters:: YES.
    Drive:: Nah, I'm working on getting a car
    | FOR OR AGAiNST |
    Online Relationships:: No, you never know who that other person could be.
    The death penalty:: Against
    Premarital Sex:: for
    Homosexual Relationships:: for
    Drinking & driving:: whatever, but mostly against
    Suicide:: against
    Using someone:: against
    Teenage smoking:: for, it's their decision
    Underage drinking:: for
    Soap Operas:: omg, I love soap operas
    | RANDOM |
    What shampoo do you use:: Herbal Essences
    Shoes do you wear:: Chacos
    Deoderant do you use:: None.
    What are you scared of:: spiders, heights, being a lonely old cat lady
    What kind of car do you have/want:: Honda Civic
    Favorite Quote:: "Tell her kids to go play 'Drink what's under the sink'." - Conor O'Neill
    Supersticious:: no
    Believe in astrology (zodiac):: heh
    How often do you change your profile:: weekly
    Do you write real letters (on paper):: sometimes, but I never give them
    How many people on your buddy list:: 150
    How many are online right now:: 35
    What time is it:: 2:14 pm
    Whats the date:: January 17th
    What did you do yesterday:: not shit. I freaked out and accidentally said something that I shouldn't have because someone is a fucking cunt.
    Do you like candles:: yeah
    Do you burn inscence:: no
    Do you have a cell phone:: yeah
    Last person who IMed you:: Dabney
    What was your first screenname:: Missalyssa, or something like that
    Scariest movie youve ever seen:: don't know
    Funniest movie youve ever seen:: Napoleon Dynamite
    Saddest movie youve ever seen:: Can't think of it
    Ever cry at a movie:: yeah
    Do you like 'reality TV':: not really, except for Trading Spouses
    Ever seen Grease:: yeah
    Favorite Candy:: I love all candy
    Most embarassing moment:: Fuck you
    Did ya like the survey:: It gave me something to do.

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