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Stew (stewuseless) wrote,
@ 2005-07-15 12:48:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Green Day - Nice Guys Finish Last

    Summer Movies and Parties Galore
    I love the summer for a variety of reasons. The weather is warm, my sandal tan comes back, bikinis, and of course, summer movies. Every year, there are a plethora of movies, some horrible and some awesome, that grace the silver screen. This year, both the new Batman movie, Batman Begins, and the Fantastic Four arrived with all the pomp and circumstance. From the previews, I thought both movies would be quite lame, not worth the money that I would be investing. However, I was pleasantly surprised in both cases. In Batman Begins, the plot and acting were both solid and well done. In fact, I am of the opinion that Christian Bale was born to play Batman. Of course, there is the usual explosions and the like, but they were not forced or completely overdone. They were there to enhance the experience, not to overshadow the story.

    As for the Fantastic Four, it was nothing short of fantastic. Because I am bigger fan of Marvel Comics than a DC Comics, I was able to pick apart the story a bit more. The origin of the F4 was updated and changed a bit, however the main points were left intact. For instance, in the original, Ben Grimm was asked to pilot the ship. In the movie, this was changed to Johnny Storm, with Ben being asked along for the ride. However, the end result was the same. Reed is to blame for his best friend's rocky exterior. But I digress. Doom as the villian was a plus although the ending battle could have been a bit better. Overall, it was definately a two-thumbs up movie.

    On a totally seperate topic, I will be going home the last two weekends of July. "Why are you going home?" you may ask. Don't you despise it there?? Well, yeah I do. However, with my parents on vacation the rest of the month, I don't have to worry about seeing them at all. So, now that the major problem is out of the way, why exactly am I going home? Well, next week I am going back to visit old friends at CFR and to recertify my lifeguarding certificate. Hopefully, I can make it in time for the volleyball game, but that is iffy. As for the weekend of the 29th, I'm going back for a High School friend's 21st birthday. Tanner's party will be a blast and then on the next day, there is a party over here for my roomie's 20th birthday. That last weekend in July is gonna be crazy!!

    Looking forward to lots of drunken fun...

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