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Sara (stevie77) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 17:57:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:Coyote Ugly Soundtrack


    {x} Fallen for your best friend? one of them, yes
    {x} Made out with JUST a friend? ehh.. we didnt so it on purpose!
    {x} Been rejected? who hasnt?
    {x} Been in love? not sure...
    {x} Used someone? yes
    {x} Been used? yes
    {x} Done something you regret? yes

    Who was the last person...
    {x} You touched? kenda...holla!
    {x} You talked to? my mom
    {x} You hugged? Laura!
    {x} You instant messaged? amanda humps
    {x} You kissed? ugh, lets not go there... im sure if i wasnt drunk when it happened, I'd know if it was jared or justin
    {x} You yelled at? hmm... jamie?
    {x} You laughed with? kenda, holla!

    Have you/are you/do you....
    {x} Considered a life of crime? no
    {x} Considered being a hooker? ummm no.
    {x} Considered being a pimp? no
    {x} Are you psycho? absolutley
    {x} Split personalities? no
    {x} Schizophrenic? well, according to jamie, yes, but we gotta consider the source
    {x} Obsessive compulsive? yes
    {x} Panic? not really
    {x} Anxiety? not really
    {x} Depressed? no way!
    {x} Suicidal? NO! GOD DOESNT MAKE JUNK, MAN!
    {x} Dream of mutilated bodies? ummm no.
    {x} Understanding: sometimes
    {x} Open-minded: syes
    {x} Insecure: sometimes
    (x) Interesting: yes
    {x} Hungry: no right now
    {x} Friendly: yea,
    {x} Smart: i try.
    {x} Moody: sometimes
    {x} Childish: sometimes
    {x} Organized: no
    {x} Emotionally Stable: depends
    {x} Shy: lol, NO
    {x} Difficult: NO!
    {x} Attractive: to some people
    {x} Bored Easily: yea
    {x} Sad: no!
    {x} Happy: of course!
    {x} Trusting: times
    {x} Talkative: yea
    {x} Original: yea
    {x} Lonely: i miss my 7 alot
    {x} Color your hair? lol, thats our secret!
    {x} Have a girlfriend? umm no... i am a girl?

    {x} Current Clothes: jeans, boots and shirt...and im wearing my jacket cuz its f-in cold in herre
    {x} Current Annoyance: guys!
    {x} Current Smell: nothing really
    {x} Current thing you ought to be doing: nothlearning my spring swing song
    {x} Current Desktop Picture: a tropical island?
    {x} Current Worry: that i wont learn my spring swing song, which doesnt explain why im sitting here
    {x} Current Shoes: boots

    Dream Date's Appearance....
    {x} Long or short hair? short
    {x} Dark or blond hair? dark
    {x} Tall or short? a little taller than me
    {x} Dark or light eyes? dark
    {x} Hat or no hat? no hat
    {x} Pierced or no? no
    {x} Freckles or none? i dont really think about that one...

    What's your favorite:.
    {x} Time of the day? night :)
    {x} Holiday? christmas, and my birthday
    {x} Place? FLORIDA!
    {x} Flower? hibiscus, woo hoo
    {x} Scent? hmm.. tommy girl jeans... chanel allure is good too
    {x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? obviously, Flordia with the lucky 7
    {x} What would you be doing there? right now? prolly at someones house getting ready, drinking(soda!), eating, playing music(prolly fleetwood mac) and singing..getting ready for a crazy night...
    {x} What are you listening to? coyote ugly soundtrack
    {x} Can you do anything freakish with your body? i can pop my shoulder in and out of the socket

    If I were a.......
    {x} month I would be: june
    {x} day of the week I would be: friday
    {x} sea animal I would be: hmm... a dolphin
    {x} historical figure i would be: audrey hepburn
    {x} liquid I would be: tequilla
    {x} tree, I would be: a palm tree
    {x} color, I would be: pink
    {x} vegetable, I would be: who wants to be a vegtable?
    {x} sound, I would be: the ocean :-)
    {x} car, I would be: a really fun one, like a cabrio
    {x} song, I would be: stevie nicks- dreams
    {x} body part I would be: eyes
    {x} cartoon character I would be:Kim Possible
    {x} shape I would be: a star!

    *The river goes on and on and the sea that divides us is a temporary one* -Fleetwood Mac
    That is me, being optimistic.

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