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*steph* (stephanieox) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 11:18:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Send me an angel...

    I haven't updated this thing for a LONG time. Well lets start off w/ what all happened on Saturday... I wanted to go into town to hang out w/ Kirk since he was leaving for camp on Sunday, right? But then I invited Megan to hang out w/ me too. I looked at is as where all of us could hang out. No biggie, right? Well, then we walked to kirks house and other ppl showed up and then he had to clean and me, Megan, n Britt went for a walk. Well, Kirk got pissed that we left, I guess. But oh well, we were gonna come back anyway. And when we came back. Brandon n Michelle (The girl he has this thing for at the begining of the year) were at his house. It kind of made me dissappointed that she was their but I would have gotten over it. Anyway, he was being really rude when we showed up. And Brittnay's like, "I wanna go" and I'm like "yeah" and Kirk like made this pissed off face and I wasn't gonna come back. Cuz when he's being rude or assholish, I don't want to hang out w/ him.That only makes sense. Me,Kami, n Britt went to the pool and right before we went in the water I decided to dump Kirk cuz he does piss me off alot and I'm moving and it just wasn't worth it. So I dumped him. Then we were gonna go swimming but it was to cold (we're retards) Then I went down to the park and Taryn n Megan Troutman were their and they were telling me how they went to his house this morning and he was naked and he kept saying "come on" to Megan so that she'd give him head. She didn't though but he like wouldn't quit touching them and whatnot. That's when I was really glad that I dumped him. Cuz I'm sick of that stuff. He showed up at the park then and didn't even say one word to me. I was gonna pull him aside and try to talk to him. But I'm sick of always having to do that. Ya know? It's always me who makes the effort. Well, at least until he feels like an asshole and decides to talk to me. But I just figured he'd walk away or tell me to get off of him like he always does. So I didn't say anything to him. So then me and Howie slept over at Kamis house. That was a lot of fun. lol But Sunday morning I figured Kirk would at least call to say "bye" before I left. Ya know? Since I'm moving Thursday and he won't get to talk to me before that. I just thought he would. So I left the cell phone on (just in case) But he didn't call. That made me feel like puking. But, oh well. And today my Gram was supose to pick me up, but she hasn't called so yeah well. When I came home last night, the house is completely plain. Like, only the main funiture. The rest of the crap like movies n nicknacks n everything else, is put away. It's depressing cuz the move is becoming more realisitic. But now I don't really have anything (or one) to keep me wanted to stay here. (Kirk that is.) I don't think me and him will talk that much anymore. I think we ruined it. But, I don't want it to be that way. I want him to still be my bestfriend. I guess it doesn't matter though. It just seems like everything he's ever said, is just a lie cuz he cheated on me... Cuz when you love someone, you don't do that. He said that he was just "being stupid" the first time. But then why would he attempt to do it again? Exactly. I dont' know. I won't get to see him anymore. Who knows? Maybe I will see em' around sometime. (I hope) Even though it kind of hurts to see him not w/ me, I'd just like it a lot if me and him could at least be friends. I'll meet someone new, I hope. Someone who I can talk to and be best friends w/ and someone who won't cheat on me or be rude. But at the same time, be really sweet and caring and who doesn't say " oh that girls hott" or be checking out other girls...and saying that he was looking at some bald guys head. I mean, riiiiiight. Heh, maybe the break up was good. lol Anyway, I'm not really pissed off at anyone right now (Surprising I know) But I think Rosie started sumfin bad and I'm disappointed in her. And in myself (for reasons...) Anyhoo, I'm done typing. Later


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