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Stephanie (stephanieliz_5) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 17:42:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Glass Jaw and Unloco.. it's on Shuffle

    ... Annoyance...
    I think that this all would be understandable, if they took the time to understand that I am capable of taking care of myself when it comes to hanging out with my FRIENDS. Chris won't even let me hang out with david because he is 2 years older than I am, wtf is that?!... I can hang out with WILL and hes the same age... David even offered to meet them!~!. They should at least give my friends a chance before they discriminate them because of their age. My best friends from Hillsdale were 18 and 17 years old... and I knew them very well. It would be different if I wanted to be ALONE with David, but I don't.. I wanted to go see Lord of The Rings, IN A FUCKING MOVIE THEATRE. How is that bad??... Exactly, and I wanted my friend Chelsea to go with me, ughhh.. It'd be different if I was a fucking idiot or something, but I'm not, so they should get the fuck over it. I've been through some shit, I know what's right and wrong. They automatically told me I can't hang out with 18 year olds. FUCK THAT!. I will hang out with, whoever I want to hang out with.. They can't stop me from being friends with people. They have never been parents, so what makes them think they understand HOW to be a parent. They dont know shit about me, or about teens in general. So maybe they should back off and learn something before they try to tell me how the fuck to run my life. Fucking errrr. Sometimes i hate it here, because they act like im 5 years old, it's beyond annoying. When I lived with my Aunt, she raised me, she understood me and the people I hang out with. Since Ive moved in with my mom, I can't do shit. I can't even have GOTHIC friends, how fucking lame is that?! A Parent that stereotypes kids, that's pathetic. Why would you ever tell your child what GROUP of people they can and cannot hang out with?! Pathetic.. Just Pathetic. Man oh Man, I can't even visit where I grew up, because My mom won't let me spend the night with anyone, because they "affected" me in bad ways... What the hell?! Those are my friends. I understand some shit she does, like not letting me hang out at guys' houses by myself.. yea, i get that, but if i want to go to a movie, in a group, wtf??!

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