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stellone871 (stellone871) wrote,
@ 2011-10-29 10:14:00
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    Current mood:tired

    Easy Steps To Quit Puppies From Chewing

    Puppies- cute, wriggly, curious, face licking puppies. There is nothing that will melt a heart more quickly than a puppy. But what should you do when your puppy will go beyond melting your heart and begins mutilating your things with his teeth Luckily, puppies tend to be highly trainable, and exactly like house breaking, puppy chewing can be addressed easily and quickly. Here are five simple steps to help your preferred pet lick his bad habit!

    1. Play together with your puppy often. Puppies need play time and mental stimulation. A lot of chewing originates from boredom or loneliness. In case you work long hours, you might want to restrict the area the puppy can roam in while you are gone.

    2. Carry around something that makes a loud noise. When training your puppy, you will have to train her what to do as well as what Not to do. Saying "No" in a firm voice and then making a loud noise (such as newspaper crinkling) can teach your pup to associate the word "No" with this noise they don't such as. Do this anytime you discover your puppy chewing something he really should not be swag bucks.

    3. Give your puppy plenty of appropriate items to chew up. Flavored chew toys and stuffed animals are usually popular. Never give your pup a toy that looks like another item you don't want them chewing.

    three. Bitter apple sprays. Spraying bitter apple upon frequently chewed items will discourage your pup from chewing forbidden objects. It will not harm your pup.

    5. Enroll the pup in obedience training. prize rebel Not just a tool for your puppy dog, obedience training will also help you learn how to effectively manage your puppy's behaviour without sacrificing the really like!

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