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Stella The Diver (stellathediver) wrote,
@ 2003-02-03 15:52:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:HHH- Bandages

    OKAY! forget my old stroke story i was working on.. I'll finish that later. I HAVE CREATED A NEW ONE!! so i'll post it now. it's got a completely different plot and i'm happy with it so far...hope you enjoy.

    Though The Mind Of A Stranger..

    The thoughts of Julian Casablancas.
    By: Tara S.

    It was our annual weekly meeting. Like always everyone cept Ryan and Nikolai were late. I was so surprised to find out that I, Julian Casablancas was the first to arrive. Shocking. Ryan and Nikolai came at the exact same time, I assume that they decided to ride together with each other to get here. "Julian?!" Ryan shouted at me. I got from the shocked look on his face that he didn't except me to hobble into the place until everyone else had arrived. we were metting up at a local bar/grill. The place seemed like your usual NYC bar. Some people were casually sitting down and drowing the world out with booze. sounds kinda like me... Then Fabrizo came in and was more hyper than ever. "What are you on?" I asked him while scanning his body at the same time."I'd like to be on you" Fab said jokingly. I could tell Ryan thought I would dry hump Fab at any moment....yet I restrained myself. Then the others poured in, Nick, Albert, Matt, Lucas, and to my surprise Juliet. I sat and listened to their little convo. which went something like this...
    Albert: Oh my juliet!!
    Juliet: What?
    Albert: Oh......nothing
    then Nick was so busy fumbling around that he accidentally knocked over a glass of ice cold water, which fell on Ryan's lap.
    Nick: OH MY GOD RYAN!! Fuck! I'm soo sorry!
    then not realizing what he was doing, he started to dry Ryan's lap with a napkin. But he stopped when he finally noticed what he was actually doing, then he stopped and acted as if nothing had ever happened. he was embarassed. poor guy.
    Nick: Sorry Ryan...I...I didn't mean to.
    Ryan: Hey don't worry! It's alright!
    Albert: I have a pair of pants in my car, Ryan. What 'em?
    Ryan: Nah. it's alright
    Juliet: Why do you have a pair of pants in your car?
    Matt: Probably in case he forgets his pants at "someone's" house. ::then matt laughed::
    Albert: Hehehehe. That COULD be the idea
    Juliet: Can I wear your pants?
    Lucas: Can I watch you change into them? ::then he giggled::
    Ryan: Alright guys settle down!
    Nikolai: You guys are so funny
    Ryan: Well...anyways I have put together some notes about what we should change and stuff.
    then he handed them out, they were so neat and organized.
    Nick: My god Albert! He's more anal than you are!
    Albert: I know! It's shocking
    Ryan: Aww Nick!

    I realised at that moment that I had not spoken one word. But they were so fucking histerical that all I could do was sit there and laugh. Lucas seemed rather quiet. But I was expecting Juliet to get up and start licking Matt's face, again. I needed something crazy to do.....then it came to me..
    I quickly got up and ran over to Nick and kissed him then went over to Lucas and sat on his lap. It wasn't that crazy of an idea but at least I made some sort of a scene. But that's how I am. And I am happy with far.

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