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stella (stellalumos) wrote,
@ 2005-07-15 20:10:00
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    back updates
    first of all..

    london 2012 - and not in here! can't say i'm that happy though. people around here don't care that much. indifferent, those unfeeling human beings! oh, i feel so bad for london too. i hate crap like that. terrorists. reminds me of 9-11. moving on...

    live 8 - greg and i and my sister charlotte and her husband timmy got to watch live 8. and no, we didn't watch it on aol! it was..cramped. had to drive all the way to philly for that. but it was worth it. josh groban was there. (swooons like some gruesome teenager). and char got some fancying going on for rob thomas. delicious delicious.

    greg and timmy went pretty berserk with salma hayek and beyonce, though. so no hard feelings, boys!

    central park - is getting crowded. maybe because it's summer. kids and teens everywhere!

    fourth of july - was rockin'. of course, we had to celebrate it in ny. my parents came over to my flat, and so did char and timmy + 2 of their bratty angels. :) so basically it was full house during independence day weekend. how the bunch managed to stay at my apartment was a miracle. fireworks are always nice. everyone was wearing blue and red to work. with matching stars and spangles in their ties :) god bless america!

    and that's it for now.

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