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Stay Gold =) (staygold2319) wrote,
@ 2002-07-28 20:20:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Rocks - Ben Jelen

    Remember to breathe...

    Alright so today i came home early because i didn't do my spanish and i didn't feel good. I've decided that I am going to get my hair cut shorter like this girl i just saw on tv. I think it's too short to fit into a ponytail so that'll be cool. I'll have to make sure I take care of it. Watched Thirteen again today. That is really good but really intense. They're only 7th graders!?! insane. Okay let's rewind.


    I went to go see 13 Going On 30. It was great. I want the soundtrack badly. Saw Jess, Saggy, and Katie there and Jess wanted me to come sit with her so i did... [felt a little out of place seeing as I'm not on the same rung of the social ladder as they are...I kinda dropped down. Alot.] Then I went home and sat around some more.


    I helped my Dad roof and I got paid fifty dollars. That was rad. My cousins came over because they're moving to Germany. And my dad's friend Mike dropped his girls off for Emily to babysit. I was alot of kids. Played some pool. My grandma bought me some stuff from Avon for my fundraiser. Went to bed.


    Woke up at 600 again. Went to this dumb ass fundraiser breakfast at the Lombardi Club for the Cali soccer team. That was really boring. Then my Mom took Emily and I shopping. Bought an Ataris poster, Say Anything poster, New shoes [purple converse!], shoe laces, purse, earrings, and umm this placid Frodo pin because i love the Lord of the Rings. And some gum. Yum. Dude, the people in Hot Topic are going to know my fucking name soon we go in there so much. I want this Gryffindor shirt they have, badly. Came home watched some Charmed. Yeah Yeah. Read some Harry Potter. He rules.

    So um yeah...nothing interesting about me. I am boring. Obviously.

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