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Lindsay (staticlullabyxx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 19:42:00
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    Current music: move your feet by junior senior

    surprisingly enough, this weekend was pretty fun. Got to hang out with brandon, gabe, kim, and klea and watch andrew ehmann's cousin jon's band. they were pretty good, in a white stripes/strokes kinda way. Then we went to waffle house and told stories about demons and mrs. cruze and how creepy she is.

    Saturday i worked from 10-4 and had an interview at coffee beanery. i kinda wanna work there but i dunno. after that i went to see senses fail, saosin, and every time i die. It was freaking awesome. Saosin was unbelievable. i cant wait to get that cd. their singer was funny. they were so good. ETID was insane and they wore these hot whiteish/khaki pants with white shirts and they were just nuts. senses fail was amazing as usual. they played a few new songs and it was awesome. all in all, that night was pretty fun. jess gave dan the drummer from senses fail a cake for his birthday and he was happy. i saw andrew's(potsborough/sherman) friends and we talked about him for a while. it was cool. OH OH! i finally met sara's new beau marc! he is pretty cool and smiles really big! haha

    so today i had to work, pretty lame. why do people make you wanna punch them in the throat? why can't they just be straight forward and honest? honesty is the best policy folks...

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