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Jen (staryeye) wrote,
@ 2005-09-19 07:43:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    More Drama...I hate that word
    But it is what exists in my workplace....

    I am upset with my co-workers, my boss...with everything about that job. My Boss practices unethical behavior...he and his fuckin wife. They are so fake. You can still earn business and profit without dropping to a level of unethical behavior and decit to your customers. I guess Bad behavior breeds bad behavior amongst employees, Chris is trying to sabbotage my sales or at least not let me have any. Asshole.
    Today he tried to fuckin yell at me for my paperwork. NUmber'r ento in charge. Two...don't fuckin raise your voice at me. Three....don't bring up pointless remarks unless it has soem sort of substance and truth to it. Three....learn how to comminucate and speak to you're co-workers. Idiot. I am just ranting at this point and not makin gmy points or explainin gwhat happeend today but I am too upset to even want to go into it.

    My boss next tells me that becuase he never told me I was gettign paid 8 I would be gettign paid 7.50. My bor told me it was 8 adn if my bro heard wrong from ray then fine. But if ray really did tell my bro that and he's just covering him to make me not feel so bad since i already have so much shit....that is fuckin wrong out ray's part. I 've seen the decite adn convinvign way of ray already and of his wife.

    I feel betryaed adn an idiot. I'm not quitting becuase it not me to quit becuase of how others make me feel. I know they want me to go but I won't satify that feet they have of seeing. I will leave once I find a better job that either pays better , the same, or offers more growth, knowledge adn experiecne forme to gain.

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