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//a + river + of + p.l.a.g.u.e.s.\\ (starvingforzero) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 22:37:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    "uh, fred? you might wanna look at this shit..."
    wanna hear about my weekend?

    i didn't think so, but too fuckin' bad.

    friday i went bowling with jamey, topeka, john, brent, and ricky. it was lots of fun. ricky actually hurt his knee bowling. i think he hit himself with the bowling ball. he was just a tad fucked up. i was informed, yet again, of john's infatuation with me. *sigh* he's MARRIED for fuck's sake. ew.

    yesterday i was off work, so i slept in and then took forever to get cleaned up and ready. got my nails done, came home for about 5 minutes, and then left again. went to derek's, and his dad told me that he was down at the hair place at the end of our street getting his dreads finished. so i walked over there, and waited for him to get done. after that, nicole went home to change and me and derek went up to DQ to get some food and look at the antique cars up there. returned to derek's and waited for nicole to call. she called right as we were leaving, and told us to go on without her. so we left for the show. smoked a bowl on the way, and i had taken 2 green valiums. wooooo.... i was yeah. so derek got introduced to mark and anthony and pam and debby and everyone else. me, anthony, mark, pam, and derek decided to "take a drive" so to speak. we came back, and i was extra fried... sat there for a while, listened to institution from the outside, cause it was hot as balls in there. OWM went on after them, so i went in there for them, and could barely breathe. it sucked ass. their fill-in drummer bryan did a hell of a job. i mean, he listened to black twice before the show, and played it near perfectly. i was glad it went so well. sen went on next, and that took me back a few years. i remembered all the words, and me and michelle stood together and sang, LOL. msd played, but by that time i was so hot, i stood outside and talked to pam and tabitha. went in for their last 2 songs, and then we left... now here is where the story gets gooooood. kinda.

    we get out to my car and i opened my trunk to get my purse. right as i am reaching for it, derek says "uh, fred? you might wanna look at this shit..." i walk to the passenger side of my car, and the front window is in my front seat, over on the drivers side, in the backseat, and on story avenue. but that's not the best part...

    my stereo was gone. FUCKING GONE. as in big gaping hole in my dash where it should be. not only that, but now i have no air conditioning, heat, or defrost controls. as all of this is going on, robbie and kortknee are across the street having trouble getting the hearse started. robbie comes over and checks my car out. it was unbelieveable. as i called my mom, derek was helping them push... my hands were shaking so hard. so i called my mom, then called the police. after i called them, pam, mark, and anthony drove by, saw us standing there, and mark ran over. i could tell he felt so bad. he apologized a million times. they waited with us till the police came. filed the report and all that jazz....

    so i hope to fucking god it doesn't rain for a few days...

    why my car? why pick mine out of all the others right down the street from mine? why me? i mean, i could never do that to someone, not even a perfect stranger. it's just so wrong. if there is one thing i hate, it's a fucking thief.

    jayson called me about 15 minutes after the cop left to check and make sure everything was ok. he thought i got pulled over or something, LOL. i fucking wish.

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