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//a + river + of + p.l.a.g.u.e.s.\\ (starvingforzero) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 03:05:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:watching "all in the family". you know, archie bunker?

    The Chicago Trip
    wow! it was... WOW!!! hahaha aside from it seeming doomed at parts, it was all good.

    saturday morning, me and jamey got up and went to pick up tony and brent. brent had left his ticket for the show at home, so friday night while we were at tek world, his mom took it over to tony's house and left it in the mailbox for him. so when we got over there, jamey looked to see if he had gotten it out the night before, and of course he hadn't. so she took it and made him think it was gone. LOL. while we were at tony's his mom gave us all "the talk"... about how we needed to "stay clean" while we were there because we didn't want to be thrown in the cook county jail. well, dur.

    after a quick breakfast at dairy queen, we stopped to get gas. jamey stole us a bag of ice for the cooler. *shakes head*

    (almost doomed part #1)
    at the gas station, for some oddball reason, i decided to check to see if i had my ticket. lo and behold, it wasn't there. so we had to go back to my house to get it.

    then we were for real on our way. the drive wasn't too bad. only took us about 5 hours to get there, and i was running on pure adrenaline (we only got 3 hours of sleep the night before... :/ oops.), so i got us there without incident. stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs and whatnot.

    the night before we left, brent's dad gave him 2 condoms, and said something about "rock and roll concerts". LMAO. so we put one of them to good use on the way up there. brent blew it up, and he and jamey took some funny pictures with it. hahaha. it was hilarious.

    we get to the hotel at about 1:45 chicago time.

    (almost doomed part #2)
    we walk into the super 8 motel, and are informed that there are no more rooms at the motel because there is a wedding party there. now, what cheap motherfucker puts their family up at the super 8. fuck, i didn't know a super 8 required reservations. lesson learned... ALWAYS make reservations.

    so we go to the next exit, and go to the baymont inn. pat (the front desk lady) informs me that this is a "big concert weekend" and they only have one room with one king size bed... let's do the math, shall we??

    4 people (3 fatasses and one thin one) + one bed = DISASTER

    so pat (a very lovely lady) calls every hotel in the area and finds us a room at the fairfield inn. bless that woman. the downside to that was that the room was 140 dollars. but whatever.

    we had to kill time till our room was ready, and we were hungry. so we decide to go eat. where, you ask. chuck e. cheese, biotches. it was my own personal hell. pizza and 563,876,323,986 screaming kids. plus i was so tired, i was getting irritable. so i took a yellow jacket to wake my ass up. after we eat, we drop by the liquor store to get a bottle. (more on the drinking disaster later) by that time, our room was ready so we go back to the hotel and check in. get our room and then the kids decide they want to go swimming.

    as a direct result of the swimming, and the chlorine washing the glue out of brent's trihawks, he had to re-do his hair, and we ended up leaving later than we should have. so we leave and begin the drive to downtown chicago. those illinois motherfuckers are some crazy ass drivers. i was so so so so so scared, so so so so jumpy from that goddamned yellow jacket, so so so so irritable from lack of sleep and almost losing my life on the highway... *sigh* i chewed the fuck out of one of my knuckles. LOL. but hey, we saw the oscar mayer wienermobile. so all was well... and do you know what the license plate said??

    WEENR yeah, that's right. how much does that rock?

    so we get down to the venue, and park 8 blocks away, cause chicago parking sucks. i kept hoping i wouldn't get towed. i was a dumbass, and left the lyric book that came in my box set that i was going to get signed in the car, so i was bummed. but tony assured me that we would go back later and get it.

    we get there and realize we missed the first 2 bands, D.I. and Balzac. i wanted to see balzac because they are a japanese version of the misfits, but oh well. agnostic front played right after we got there. they were pretty good. good ole NYC hardcore. after agnostic front, the dickies played. at this point, jamey and brent went up to the balcony to check out the view from there. so me and tony were left down standing on the floor. the dickies were the shit. funny as fuck, but good music too. the vocalist was hilarious. he talked about some ideas for new reality shows... i would explain further, but i can't remember it all, and if i leave out a part, it's no longer funny. so sorry.

    the damned went on next, and by this point, me and tony had joined the others in the balcony. the damned was awesome. their guitarist, called "the captain", came out in a pink tank top and a tu-tu, sunglasses, and a funny mask. their singer looked like someone straight outta the 50's. it was niiiiice. hehehe. he even used one of those cool old-timey mics.

    then, it was time for the misfits. shit, i <3 them. jerry only... *sigh* he looks pretty damned good for an older guy. they sounded so awesome. i lost my voice within the first 15 minutes from screaming along with them... i had goosebumps the entire time. opened up with hybrid moments... there was so much energy from all the people there. jerry, marky, and dez fed off the energy from the crowd, and the crowd fed off their energy. but when they played last caress, the place fuckin erupted. i wish shows here were more like that. it was amazing to see a band get that kind of reaction out of the crowd. i can't explain how much i loved the show.

    afterwards, we strolled by the merch booth, and got some shit. i got 2 new shirts. then tony walked back to the car with me to get my booklet, and to put our shit in the car. and luckily for me, it was still there. we walk back, and we're standing there talking and whatnot... jamey got her picture taken with the captain, and she was wearing his mask and whatnot. then we look over towards the door of the venue, and there he was...

    jerry fuckin' only. we walked over there, pushed our way past everyone, and there i was, face to face with him. i handed him my book and ticket stub, and he asked me how it sounded... asked me. and i said something about how fucking awesome it was. tony told him we drove all day to get there to see them, and he said he appreciated it. then he says "well, i don't know how far it is for you all to go to alabama, but that's where we're playing tomorrow. you should try to make it." LOL. we told him they just need to come back to louisville. we got our picture taken with him, and he put his hand on my shoulder... and his new jersey accent... *swoons* one of the nicest guys i have met.

    after that we walk back to my car.

    (almost doomed part #3)
    i get there, and the lot that i had parked in had no attendee at the time that i pulled in there. and there was no attendee the first time i went back there... so wouldn't ya know, he was there the second time, talking about how it was 10 dollars to park there, or i could have my car towed. at this point i didn't care. i was tired, i had just met jerry... so i gave him the 10 dollars and didn't even think twice about it. at this point, it's 12:45.

    we get back to the hotel room at about 1:30 am, and start drinking a little. i had planned on going to bed at about 1 cause we had to get up at 5 to get back here in time for jamey's graduation party, but since we were out there so late, it didn't happen that way. so we drink a bit... and the giggling ensues. jamey keeps saying she's going to sleep, but we keep making her laugh, so she ends up staying up and talking to us. tony found this spot on the covers (t'was a cigarette burn) and said "i hope it's not a skidmark." so i rub my finger over it and dive onto the bed and touch his arm. so he picks his nose, finds a giant booger, and chases me into the bathroom with it. LOL. and then there was brent jumping onto the bed, bouncing off, and almost flying out the window.

    good times. i love those guys. they make everything a million times more fun. i had the greatest time... aside from the drive home on 2 hours sleep, it was the best ever.

    i'm still exhausted... LOL

    found out something today that made me a very unhappy camper... but i'm not going to worry about it till it happens... 4 months is a long time, and a lot can happen between now and then.

    hunter's first day at SOHS is tomorrow (technically today)... watch him for me, sam. and have a good first day back. that goes for everyone else that starts school tomorrow.

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