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Sarah (starsinthesky81) wrote,
@ 2004-03-08 23:16:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:"with you" ~ jessica simpson...yeah i know!

    >>>it's been a while<
    OK, well I haven't written on here in exactly one week. I'm really not sure why, but you do know how i can be. Yeah, that just means that I don't have a real reason for not writing on here in a week! I've just been working and going to class and my field placement and such! And spending way too much time thinking about "K," but that's par for the course, don't you think? Yeah, it really is! I"m retarded (and i'm currently listening to "let's get retarded" by black eye peas:). Yeah, it makes me think of Justin from Hot there's a hottie:)!!!!

    OK< well we are no longer allowed to have our Thursday night sneak peeks @ we are all seriously pissed off! And I've decided that we must do something on Thursday nights as a group! So i'm working on what we're going to do this Thursday night and I'm serioulsy consiering bowling! I mean I think it'll be fun, you know? I'm also in the process of talking "K" into coming to do whatever it is that we're going to do on Thursday night. I mean it'll be fine if he doesn't come, but It'd be awesome if he did, you know?

    Anyway! Yeah, my weekly horoscope from MSN came in last night and here is what it said: You don't want any fights on a first date. There continues to be a lot of activity in the love and romance section of your chart, so be extra careful. Mercury in Pisces gives you the green light to take the initiative and talk to anyone who appeals to you. But do be careful, as Mercury also makes a square to Pluto, and aspects Mars. Verbal fireworks could be one result of this influence. But however they happen, it wouldn't be a good idea to wound anyone with one of your mortally sarcastic barbs. weird is that? I mean especially the hung up on love thing and the sarcastic barbs! I mean what the hell? Anyway, I'm getting sleepy 'cause i've been up since like 6:30 and now it's after 11...I'm off to dream land where i can think and dream about my prince, "K!":)...yeah, I'm a dork thank you once again for noticing! Anyway, have a great night and remember someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah

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