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Crystal (starrysky1626) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 23:10:00
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    Dam Ujournal is a pain so I had to make a new journal.. which I did not want to do.. Thanks George for the site.. actually I kinda like this one better.. although its not much different.. So much to say.. although theres not really anything new.. my g-fateher is outta the hospital.. but he's anemic and he is bleeding internally.. so sadly he doesnt have much time.. but what can I do? so thats the update there..

    Alot of people are so arrogant.. they leave me in a melancholy state.. people always have to put others down to make themselves feel good? well what the hell people.. after you put someone down UR STILL YOU! u didnt change.. u just put urself lower than them.. and I dont get y ppl always have to find something about someone to talk about.. dont you have your life? Just everyday crap.. that I wont deal with.. im sorri but im tried of ppl goin "oh she sleeps with him. adn hes cheating on her.. or she smokes or something.. i mean gte real ppl.. its THERE DAMN BIZ.. so y u bother tellin me who knows.. i usually dont listen anyway.. haha.. so yea im admitting im ignoring you 1/2 the time..

    wickedjuggaleet: you there?

    Auto response from wickedjuggaleet: :-\:'(.. Why me?

    wickedjuggaleet: because i love you lol

    ^ ^
    I love ash.. what would i do with out her?

    man what a day.. i think im gonna go to bed.. if you want to check out ne of my entries in the previous journal i had the link is:


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