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Zanna (starmagickmoon) wrote,
@ 2006-07-11 20:53:00
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    ME Hehe!
    The Basics
    Full Name Roseanna Nystrom
    Age 19
    Birthday 3/4/87
    Color Toss up between black, red, and purple
    song CRAZY BITCH!!
    room in the house My Room
    sport i don't have one
    season Spring
    word shit
    day of the week Friday
    food anything kellan Cooks
    time of the day twilight
    place to relax in bed cuddling with Kellan
    t.v. show I still like Sex and the City
    movie i love so many, i have no idea
    clothes brand Morbid threads
    actor/actress Johnny Depp/ Angelina Jolie
    Have you Ever...
    been in love Yes
    skipped school Yes
    gotten drunk Yes
    smoked weed No
    lied to someone close to you yes, but never again
    been out of the state Yes
    cheated on your g/f or b/f Yes, but that was a long time ago
    gone to school high or drunk yes
    made fun of someone Yeah
    hated someone you didnt really no Yeah
    gone to a concert Yes
    cheated on a test Yes
    wanted to kill yourself No
    been skinny dipping No
    had sex on a beach No
    dyed your hair a neon color No
    been on a cruse No
    been on a plane Yes
    ran aways No
    been arrested No
    been locked up No
    gotten into more then 5 fights No
    been made fun of Yes
    talked shit about someone Yes
    Do you...
    like your life most of the time
    love someone Yes
    dream about sexual stuff Yes
    like country music i liek everything
    have a lot of TRUE friends very very very few, i tend to not trust people enough until i've made some sort of connection with them
    believe in yourself most of the time
    think you look good most of the time
    ever wish you were someone else sometimes
    like school yes
    consider yourself a good friend yes
    put yourself before your friends not very often
    miss anyone right now yeah, some friends from high school that i lost touch with
    have any sisters or brothers o yeah, i'm one of 6
    Whats one thinq you want to do before you die raise my children
    Who do you wish you looked like me, i'm alright
    Are you a loveable person if you can put up with me then yes
    Who is your best friiend in the whole world My Mom
    Do you want to qo to college nope tech school
    THIS or THAT
    Silver or Gold Silver
    Gunit or Murder Inc who?
    Pencil or Pen Pencil
    Shoes or Clothes clothes
    Listen to music or watchin TV music
    Rap or Country neither, rock
    Lloyd Banks or Usher ummmm......AFI?
    mall or movies Movies
    Allen Iverson or Kobe Bryant Who?
    Caramel or Chocolate ......strawberry
    Abercromie&Fitch or Rocawear MORBID THREADS

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