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Zanna (starmagickmoon) wrote,
@ 2005-04-04 11:50:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:country music

    Me and my mom went over the the coast on saturday to drop the kids off at their dad's house, then we went up to Bellingham to see the Grandparents. I really like to see them, i love their house, all the little doo-dads all around, the smell of pipe smoke, all the little things that have been there since i was really little, and the picture wall. But goddamn do i hate that drive. Me and my mom got goofy again...we always do that. But we made it over and back with only one tank of gas, of corse when we filled up we put in 15.99 gallons and our tank holds 16 so we were running on fumes, but we made it.

    I get to take grandma shopping today for food...lucky me. I hope she won't complain too much and be a bad pisces too much. I just wanna rest today, i'm mentally tired, just sitting and watching movies, or absent-mindingly cleaning, that sounds great. I'm thinking of calling Zach to do something tomarrow or the next day, one of those, that'd be nice. But now i am wanting to rest. And i can.....until about 2 or 3 when i take the old bat to the store. I'll be nice though. Get all pretty, and not slouch, not complain about my heartburn and stiff knee, or the fact that i am not wanting to shop, i'll be good. *sigh*

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