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Angel baby (stargirl19) wrote,
@ 2006-11-01 12:01:00
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    My brothers are NUTS!
    Okay, here goes nothing. My bros are probably gonna kill me for telling you all this, but Last nite there was this huge party at Webster Hall, and they got WASTED! My brother Dave drove, and almost got KILLED [he would've killed Matt too] They got themselves in a drunk driving crash, but escaped with just a few gashes in their legs, arms, and forehead. [Matt required stitiches on his forehead, Dave did not] I was at home with my mom after trick or treating and the phone rang, and an officer told me that my brothers were in a car crash, and to get to Valley Hospital. When I got there, both my brothers were flatlined, and I was really worried that they didn't survive the crash. I was more worried about Dave than Matt because if Dave died, then I dunno what i'd do. if Matt died, sure i'd be sad, but if it was Dave, then i'd probably commit suicide. My brothers are VERY important to me and if they were gone, I wouldn't have any idols, and do stupid stuff. I don't want to make the same mistakes that they made, I love them to much. Some ppls idols are rock stars, parents,or even teachers. I'm a little different, my idols are my brothers, and they always will be. Thankfully, my brothers were okay, and they're home for awhile so I can help them recover. I love my bros, and i'm just glad they're okay :) I hope they don't do something like this again, cuz it could end they're lives for good. I hope they learn from this expierience. :] XO XO mandz

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