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Bre' (stardustgirl) wrote,
@ 2004-05-22 19:17:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Leaving Las Vegas~Sheryl Crow

    HI! Nice to meet you!
    Dear Blurty peeps,
    Ok well I just want to start this by saying the reason I have the time to do this today is because I'm home from work with a flu bug thats been buzzin round me for a week. There isnt much else to do. Napping was useless since the fever is causing my eyeballs to bounce along with my heartbeat. Im bored but also lethargic and lazy feeling so here I am. I hope to keep this up.
    Today it was HOT HOT HOT here in Tennessee. But its still ungodly beautiful. Usually when im bored I sit on my patio porch and smoke but since I quit many days ago and smoking the patch is messy I wont be doing that anymore. I have to remind myself to call the tattoo guy and make sure he knows my new tattoo needs a retouch since all of the black didnt take. I hope they dont try to charge me more moula for alas, I have none. I wanted to watch Six Feet Under tonight but it looks like only Deadwood is on again which I hate since I hate Westerns and dirty cowboys who curse even when they are asking for a friggen beer. BORING.
    I have a birthday dinner to give for my little sister tomarrow yet I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to clean my house (although its basically clean anyways) or get ready. I usually don't procrastinate but am just feeling awful crappy. I wish I had trained my parrot to at least run the vacuume. He makes most of the mess!
    Well thats about it. I have to get my laundry together and go to my sisters...or maybe not...I really dont feel like going out in the heat JUST for clean unmentionables....I guess its time to handwash and fan dry. Not having a washer and dryer really sux. I cannot believe im talking about my undies in a public journal...must be the fever...ya thats it.
    ~~~Later, Bre'

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