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Tarah (staborlando) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 09:31:00
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    kelsey = loser
    today in NJ it snowed a lot. its march, the snow seriously needs to stop, i'm so tired of seeing white when i look out the window. I mean i can get it it we get off, but its really just a waste. i cant go horseback riding, i cant go dirtbike riding .. my life is so meaning less without being outside ! ..
    so i was just sitting online and kelsey imed me .. guess shes gona help me out with my room, its a good thing too because kelsey will prevent me from doing something really stupid, which everyone knows i will. so, so far, ive got alex, tara, kelsey, amanda, and summer working on my room .. im not sure kesley/alex and summer will get along too well .. kel and lexis are a lot alike .. and summer .. well, shes not the type of person that kel of lalix would be friends with ::shrug:: i can always hope for the best ...
    right - i was watching gilmore girls before - how i hate that show .. but my sister was hogging the "CHANNEL CHANGER" - no kel, its not a clicker .. so i couldnt watch anything else, which pissed me off, so here i am recording my life on a journal on the internet ... how sad is that ...

    good things of the day - 79 on old man and the sea test, alex aggreed that i was a loser, kelsey is helping me with my room, tara is helping me with my room, my sister is getting mad at me for saying dude, i didnt get pushed down the hall way while tryin to walk through a fight ( that was yesterday ) and me nat, summer, alyssa, and evan had a wonderful conversation about virginity, anal sex, sodomy, dildos and a whole assorment of things in drama ..
    <|> tarah

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