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Paul Thomas (st_paulthomas) wrote,
@ 2003-03-29 21:06:00
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    Current mood:anxious

    Poem for Billy---hell this whole update is for Billy *smiles*
    What goes through my head during a hug.

    Here I am , I belong to a strange world
    Were paths are made
    And souls are sold

    I live in this Place
    With peace and calm
    Where I am pulled in by your deceptive charm

    Here I am
    Feeling dizzy
    And strange

    I live in the freedom
    Not in their cage

    I am at peace
    I’m at a spiritual bliss
    you feel
    The non sexual warmth of my kiss,
    In my arms
    That was what I missed
    Now I got it, the doors opened to this
    A world of unimaginable beauty.

    and now the update....

    So yeah, Umm....*nods* yeah... I really hate updating. Im either worried my entries gonna be to long or too unintresting, or revealing more than i wanted too. I worry too much.

    So yeah, it real sucks about Tonys dog. he's my top priority to give a paul hug to.
    Now i have to go to the pet store and buy a new dog for him. *smiles* i could get a poodle, or one of those real ugly dogs. heh.

    spending some time with billy is great, Love ya Billy *smiles*

    umm thats it i can officially can not carry on this journal entry any longer, i will update tomorrow.

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